Hélène Ségara facing the disease: her weight, her optic neuritis, cortisone... confidences

While she will be back on our screens on October 18 in 'France has an incredible talent', Hélène Ségara has agreed to engage in 'We Two'. The opportunity for her to talk about her state of health, and the grossophobia of which she was the victim.

  Hélène Ségara facing the disease: her weight, her optic neuritis, cortisone... confidences

For some years, each television appearance of Hélène Ségara is accompanied by hateful and grossophobic comments on social networks . And if until then the 51-year-old singer had decided not to really react to it, it is now done. In the new issue of the magazine We both , on newsstands this Tuesday, October 11, 2022, and on the occasion of the launch on October 18 of the 17th season of France has an unbelievable talent on M6, the interpreter of the tube There are too many people who love you agreed to come forward. And respond to haters .

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Hélène Ségara suffering from optic neuritis

Achievement of a optic neuritis , a rare ocular autoimmune disease whose treatments 'high dose cortisone based' made him gain weight, Hélène Ségara has indeed seen his state of health deteriorate somewhat. And his physique change. But the juror of the M6 ​​show wants to be positive. 'It is important to remain dignified and not complain when you know that, every day, people suffer or have to face war' , she begins with reference to what is currently happening in Ukraine. Before continuing : 'My health problems are not what will change the face of the world. I have never positioned myself as a victim. I just want to say that we have the right to have moments of down and that it is not a shame to be tired, to be different physically because we have to take heavy treatments' , she continued.

Hélène Ségara has been sick for almost 10 years

As a reminder, Hélène Ségara suffers since 2013 from a autoimmune disease in one eye. She was a guinea pig for an experimental treatment and revealed that she had to change an implant behind his eye very regularly . Processed several times cortisone , her face sometimes swelled up and she heard the worst horrors on the subject. Last year, interviewed by Cable Sat Hebdo , Hélène Ségara said: ' Because of the cortisone, my face had changed so much that they said I had missed my plastic surgery. People do not imagine the complexes that it can give. “On TV sets, he even sometimes adapts his hairstyle to hide his eye a little because of the spotlights that are too strong.

Hélène Ségara victim of fatphobia

And to the mother of three, Raphaël, 32, Matteo, 19 and Maya, 18, to speak out about the extremely violent hateful comments she has had to face since this weight gain. “It is important, before putting someone down, to know what fight he is leading, in his silence and in his modesty” , she began.

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Before explaining: 'Grossphobia, I suffered it because of a year where I took a treatment based on high doses of cortisone. Even when eating lightly, it is difficult to avoid weight gain . The times when I'm complexed or bad about myself, because I'm a woman like the others, I try to reassure myself by telling myself that it won't last' , she nevertheless continued. And Hélène Ségara, who today displays 13 kilos less and a size 36, to conclude, visibly revitalized: 'I believe that it is in the most difficult moments that we reveal ourselves, that we discover who we are, what we are capable of. Our mind has an influence on our cells, I am convinced of that' .

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