Helena Noguerra is 54 years old: origins, songs, relationships with Lio, private life... know everything

Happy birthday ! Actress, model, singer and host, Helena Noguerra has more than one trick up her sleeve and has proven it many times. This May 18, she turns 54. The opportunity to look back on his career and his personal life.

  Helena Noguerra is 54 years old: origins, songs, relationships with Lio, private life... know everything

What May 18 Helena Noguerra blow out one more candle. But what do you really know about the pretty brunette, recently seen on the comedy poster BDE on Amazon Prime Video and in theaters in 10 more days without mom ? Private life, career, family... here is everything you need to know about her!

Les denières infos sur Helena Noguerra

What are the origins of Helena Noguerra?

Helena Noguerra is born May 18, 1969 in Brussels, Belgium . She will spend much of her childhood in her hometown. His 'parents were post-68 anarchists' and his 'father raised her to admire Bergman and Pasolini', she told the Sunday newspaper .

At the age of 15, Helena Noguerra decides to drop out of school and begins a modeling career. Younger, Helena Noguerra pretended to be Italian : 'When I was little, my big eyebrows and my hint of a mustache made people say that I was not beautiful because I had a 'typical' physique ' , she confides in the columns of the SHE .

' I identified with Sophia Loren or Claudia Cardinale. And i pretended all my teenage years to be italian . I learned Italian very early, thanks to the Assimil method. And I gorged myself on Italian music and cinema to make my new nationality believable!', she adds.

What are Helena Noguerra's songs?

In 1988, she lent her voice to the credits of the show Dark glasses for sleepless nights by Thierry Ardisson. Her singing career begins at the same time. In 1992, she records river of angels with Daniel Chenevez, who is part of the Niagara group. In parallel, she presented several musical programs on M6 then, in 1998, she recorded her first solo album entitled Project: bikini , written in collaboration with Doriand and produced by Marc Collin.

In 2001, she sorted the album Blue , Then born in nature (2004) for which she collaborated with Philippe Katerine , her husband at the time. In 2007, she released Strawberry Vanilla , a covers album by Serge Rezvani. In 2013, she released the album Year zero .

On October 14, 2022, the singer comes out Blue Flowers/Black Weddings . “I left to write this album with Philippe Eveno, musician and lifelong accomplice (…) We created the character of a pirate in robe de mariee wandering through the night in search of her lover, a four-meter-tall giant with ' a heart of straw and a child's voice. In the end it's a mix between The Story of Adele H., Tim Burton and the haunted house of Disneyland'. explained the singer to SHE .

She also participated in the musical show The Parisians .

In which films did Helena Noguerra play?

As she blossoms in her singing career, Helena Noguerra wishes add a string to his bow. She therefore took her first steps on the screen in the 2000s. In 2002, she made an appearance in the film Oh! If I were rich and continues with a role in 2004 in the film pig skin , directed by Philippe Katerine. In 2010, she will play alongside Vanessa Paradis In The Heartbreaker then will chain the supporting roles, of The student Ducobu To The Mark of Angels Passing by BDE in 2023.

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She also plays several roles in television series such as in Don't do this, don't do that (the child psychiatrist), mobster , Scenes of households , The flame , Clem or even more frequently Detox .

Is Helena Noguerra a novelist?

In addition to singing and acting, Helena Noguerra decides to start writing books . In 2002, she published The enemy is within (Denoel) then And I sat down in 2004 (Denoel) then in 2017 Manon always says no (Actes Sud Junior), a children's book and the novel Hi love (Flammarion).

And it wasn't always easy for her to get into writing: 'I first suffered failures. I sent three first manuscripts that I had in the drawers. I have always been writing. With each rejection letter , I thought there was something wrong with what I was writing. And then the 4th manuscript pleased Denoël ', she confided in the columns of 20 minutes.

Helena Noguerra is she of Lio's family?

It's not a secret, Helena Noguerra is the singer's half-sister Horse . Half-sister, a term that bristles the hairs of the two main concerned. ' We might start yelling and scratching when we read 'stepsisters' 'cause it feels like we're trying to tear us apart “, had confided the younger sister to the Sunday newspaper . The two sisters do not have the same mother .

Today, Lio and Helena are closer than ever and rely on each other in difficult times. Lio had, for example, explained that his sister had helped her when she was the victim of a violent companion. ' She saw things she didn't understand, so she talked about it and approached a battered women's association “, she confided in the columns of Gala .

What do we know about the private life of Helena Noguerra?

Helena Noguerra to had a relationship with Philippe Katerine for almost ten years . 'I think love is a projection you make on a stranger. It can happen that the other surprises you, even exceeds your projection, and you can last ten years. That's what happens. went with Philippe Katerine, because it was a fantastic spirit . Painful, but brilliant', had confided the singer about her relationship with SHE .

She then meets Fabrice Du Welz and lived a romance with the Belgian filmmaker for four years before finding love again in 2021 in the arms of Fabien Galthié . A relationship she wanted to live to the fullest: “For four months, I went off, I lived on love and fresh water. I wanted to show that I could do everything alone . But loneliness is better with two, she explained in the columns of Current wife .

Helena Noguerra is the happy mother of Tanel Derard, born in 1991 from a first union . The young man is now a musician and model.

Does Helena Noguerra assume her age?

Fear of getting old? Not at Helena Noguerra. Her age she's proud of: 'Yes, because they are mine and I have earned them' , she confided to Tele-Leisure . “To give a compliment in the form of disguised ageism irritates me deeply” , she lamented as she explained to receive remarks on the fact that she does not look her age.

' I feel beautiful and I want people to tell me that people think I'm pretty, like when you tell George Clooney that getting old suits him. Better to rejoice over what you gain than cry over what you lose. she said then.

So it's a safe bet that this year again, the artist will celebrate his 54th birthday in joy and good humor!

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