Hebrew girl name: rare or trendy, by letter, what meaning?

Are you pregnant with a girl and looking for a Hebrew name? Here is our selection of female Hebrew first names, borrowed from history, often mentioned in the Torah, and with a particular meaning.

  Hebrew girl name: rare or trendy, by letter, what meaning?

Are you looking for a hebrew name for your baby girl to be born ? You have the choice between a first name borne by a character from the Torah, such as one of the matriarchs, or a rather rare, or modern, Hebrew feminine first name, even old... But it is advisable to know the history of these characters as well as the meaning of these first names before making your choice. here is our selection of the most beautiful female Hebrew names to give to a little girl.

What are the Hebrew names for girls in the Torah?

Hebrew names for girls often refer to characters quoted in the book of Genesis. This is particularly the case of the four matriarchs, who marked the history of the Jewish people, such as Sarah, Rachel, Rivka (Rebbeca) and Léa . The latter are the wives of the biblical patriarchs. Indeed, Sarah was the wife of Abraham and the mother of Isaac, Rivka or Rebecca, the wife of Isaac and mother of Jacob and Rahel and Léa are the wives of Yaakov. Among the other characters of the Torah, there are also Sarah, Ruth, Dinah, Esther, or even Avigail who is the wife of King David. myriam which in the Bible is the sister of Moses is also a traditional Hebrew name very worn by little girls, just like Yoheved, who is the mother of Moses, Aaron and therefore of Miriam.

What female and rare Hebrew name?

Are you looking for a Hebrew name for girl, both rare and original ? Opt for an unusual first name, still little worn, We can notably mention the name Yika who is Abraham's niece in the Bible, Tziviya which refers to the gazelle or the deer, Vered, which means 'rose' in Aramaic, Tziona which means 'excellent' or Tsipora who was the wife of Moses. This first name is particularly appreciated for its numerical value which is identical to that of the word Chalom, which means peace. The name Elisheva is also a beautiful, rather rare Hebrew female name, which means 'God is my oath'.

The most common female Hebrew names

Here are the 30 most popular first names of Hebrew origin in France last year:

> Discover it latest ranking of the most popular female Hebrew names

Top Hebrew names for girls worn in Israel

The female Hebrew names often given in Israel are also, for the most part, very original and modern. This is particularly the case of name Yehudit which means praise. Here are some fairly common Hebrew names in Israel: Talia or Tal (the dew of God), Orna, Orli, Nourit (flower name), Nema, Naama (which means pleasant), Michael, or Merav (the daughter of King Saul). First name Osnat (ou Asnat) appears in the Bible as the wife of Joseph and the mother of Ephraim and Menache. We can also mention the Hebrew names for girls: Cool (Ray of light), Haviva, Hagit, Hava, Odalia ou Hodaya, Golda, Efrat, Dalia, Batia, Batchéva, Avital, Avigail ou Abigaelle.

What is the meaning of Hebrew baby girl names?

Some female Hebrew names are valued by parents for their meaning. So many meanings that influence the choice and originality of female Hebrew names.

Hebrew girl names Signification
Chirel Comes from the Hebrew 'Chir' which means song
Liora Comes from the Hebrew 'Or' which means light
Arielle, Arielle lioness of god
Avigaïl, Avigaëlle, Abigaëlle father's joy
Simha Joy
Brahma Blessing
Dalia the flower
Hanna Grace
Mazal the chance
Malka the queen
Aviva My beloved
take her The moon
Such dew
Saraï, Sarah My princess
Rivka Lier
A slight one To the sheep
Orna The pine
Nourish flower name
Naomi Pleasant

Which Hebrew and modern first name to choose for a baby girl?

Some modern first names are also common, such as the first name Yaël or Yaëlle, the first name Sharon, Naomi, Noa, Liora, Lévana, Illana, Sarah, Lyrone, Judith, Emma, ​​Eve, Eva, Anaëlle, Ivana, Jessica, Tamara, Johanna, Anna , Deborah or even Yona and Manuella.

Hebrew Girl Names by Letter

You are looking for a Hebrew name for girls starting with the letter E, M or a Hebrew name for girls in S? Here is a small list according to a few letters of the alphabet to inspire you for the choice of the Hebrew (feminine) baby name:

Hebrew girl names starting with A

Among the Hebrew names for girls beginning with the first letter of the alphabet are the names:

  • Anna
  • Avigaelle
  • Ava
  • Adam
  • Anaelle
  • It's there
  • Aliyah
  • Alyah
  • Arielle
  • the age
  • Aww
  • Aliza
  • Ariella
  • Avital
  • gone
  • Avishag
  • ayala

Hebrew first name starting with B

  • Batchéva
  • beat
  • Building
  • Bayla
  • Brahma

Hebrew girl names starting with C

Here is a selection of the most beautiful Hebrew names for girls starting with the letter C:

  • Chochana
  • Carmel
  • Chiraz
  • Chirel
  • That’s right
  • Chirly

Hebrew girl names starting with E

  • Emma
  • Esther
  • Eden
  • Euphrates
  • Elisheva
  • eliana
  • Emmanuelle
  • Elisha

Hebrew girl names starting with M

  • Myriam
  • Mesh
  • Maya
  • Malka
  • Maya
  • Mazal
  • Merav
  • Moira
  • Mayor
  • Michael
  • Manual

Hebrew girl names in S

Why not choose the first name Sephora, Sarah, Sharon, Shayna, Shifra, Salome, Simha ?

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