Hebrew boy first name: 90 ideas between tradition and modernity

David, Raphael, Samuel, Nathan, Adam and Noah are some of the trendiest Hebrew baby boy names. Discover both modern, short and rare Hebrew male names and their meanings.

  Hebrew boy first name: 90 ideas between tradition and modernity

Most of hebrew names for boys refer to characters mentioned in the Bible, such as the patriarchs who represent the founding fathers of the Jewish people: Abraham, Isaac et Yaacov. If these first names seem old, know that the male hebrew names are also very modern and trendy. Indeed, the first names Gabriel, Raphaël or Noah are often found in the top names of the year! If you are looking for a hebrew name for boy , pick from our selection of the most beautiful male first names borrowed from history and with a particular meaning.

Which Hebrew and rare first name to choose for a boy?

Want a Hebrew name that is not yet worn by many little boys? To stand out and add a touch of originality without leaving aside the meaning of the first name or the story of the biblical character who wore it, here is a small list that could inspire you. here are some rather rare and original male Hebrew name ideas : Alon (the grandson of Jacob), Amram (the father of Moses), Acher (son of Jacob), Avi, which is the diminutive of the first name Avraham (more modern), Avner (the uncle of King Saul) , Avigdor (one of the first names of Moses), Azriel (the name of an angel).

List of the most popular male Hebrew names

Here are the 30 most popular first names of Hebrew origin in France last year:

> Discover it latest ranking of the most popular male Hebrew names

What is a short Hebrew name for a baby boy?

If you are looking for a short and Hebrew first name, why not opt ​​for the first name Ben, Dov, Gad, Lévi, Eli, Avi or even Noah ?

Hebrew boy names with 4 letters

Among the Hebrew first names containing only 4 letters are the first names Ezra, Noah, Aron, Eden, Arie, Saul, Joel .

Here is the list of modern and Hebrew male first names

Numerous male Hebrew names are also very trendy and quite common , like first names Noah, Aaron Adam, Gabriel, Raphaël or even Nathan . Moreover, these are first names that we find each year among the top trending first names , THE biblical names or Hebrew being particularly appreciated by young parents. We can also mention the first names Ariel or Arié, David (second king of Israel), Mickaël, Rubben, Noâm, Zakarie, Benjamin, Ezra, Joshua, Samy, Joachim, Jonathan, Ivan, Yohan...

What is the meaning of Hebrew names for men?

Most Hebrew names have a specific meaning and translate to an adjective or phrase in Hebrew. Here are a few :

First names Meaning in Hebrew
Aharon Mountain, shine
Adam the land
Acher blessed, lucky
Azriel God's help. It is also the name of an angel
And Judge
Emmanuel God is with us
Ezra Aide
Gabriel god is my strength
Haim The life
Ovadia Servant of God

List of Hebrew names for baby boys, by letter

Which Hebrew baby names begin with the letters A, E, I, M or S... Here are the lists of first names according to the alphabet, among the most searched letters:

Hebrew boy names starting with A

  • Aaron
  • Avraham, Abram, Abraham
  • Adam
  • Axel
  • Ariel, Ari, Arie
  • Aviel, Aviel
  • Asher

Hebrew boy names with E

  • Elie
  • Eliezer
  • Eliyahou
  • Eden
  • Ethan, Eitan
  • Elias
  • Ezekiel
  • Elijah
  • Emmanuel
  • Ephraim

Hebrew boy names in I

  • Itchak
  • Israel
  • How many
  • Itamar
  • Issour
  • Ian

Hebrew boy names with M

  • Men'hem
  • Mendel
  • Michael
  • Moshe
  • Moses

Hebrew boy names starting with N

  • Nathan
  • Nathanael, Nathaniel
  • I miss
  • Noham, Noam

Hebrew boy names in S

  • Shay
  • Shalom
  • Simon, Shimon
  • Samuel, Shlomo, Shmouel
  • Samson
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