Heating with terracotta pot: advice, making it, danger

Looking for ideas on how to heat yourself without gas or electricity? We looked at the case of the auxiliary heater made from terracotta pots and tealight candles which is all the rage in the Netherlands. Is it effective and safe? How to make it? Know everything.

  Heating with terracotta pot: advice, making it, danger

How to generate heat for free? This is the question asked by the Dutch, hit hard by the energy crisis. A few minutes of scrolling on social media later and garden centers in the Netherlands were robbed of their terracotta flower pots, and so were the sellers of tealights. Why ? Because assembled, these two elements form a heater back-up, heat source. So, bright idea or flash in the pan? We enlighten you!

What is that ?

Also called tea stove or candle stove , this alternative heating is generally composed of a pot and a saucer in terracotta, connected to each other by a metal rod. In the space left free, we come to place six tealight candles which, once lit, diffuse a pleasant warmth to the surroundings.


How to make a terracotta heater?

You can of course buy it ready-made, on Etsy in particular, where many creators offer it, but if you prefer make a homemade terracotta heater , It's entirely possible. To do this, you don't need to be a DIY ace. Gather the necessary materials and follow the guide with the explanations of this YouTube video tutorial.

What about the efficiency of a terracotta pot heater?

Although the idea sounds good on paper, in practice, heating your house with a terracotta pot and candles in it does not change anything, or almost . According to the experiments carried out by the scientists of the Dutch platform Scapeler , such an installation could only increase the temperature of a room by 0.3 to 0.4°C, in one hour.

How dangerous is this flower pot heater?

Also be aware that this backup solution is not without danger. In the event of poor combustion, this type of homemade heater could produce carbon monoxide , in case of prolonged use. This odorless gas is deadly if it exceeds 0.08% in ambient air. Also, the fire hazard is not to be taken lightly. several accidents were reported by the Dutch press and firefighters advise against 'urge the use of alternative forms of heating, such as terracotta pots.' And since a picture is worth a thousand words, here's something to tempt you to try.

We therefore do not recommend that you use this system indoors. , let alone in a small space. But if you want to warm your hands on the garden side, light the fire!

Source journaldesfemmes.fr