'He himself was preparing us for it': Jean Rochefort lucid in the face of death, his daughter Clémence gives herself up (and reveals anecdotes)

Clémence Rochefort is currently on the stage of La Scala in Paris in a play dedicated to her father: 'An evening with Jean Rochefort'. The opportunity for the youngest of the Rochefort clan to return to her relationship with her late dad. And on his relationship to death.

"Lui-même nous y préparait" : Jean Rochefort lucide face à la mort, sa fille Clémence se livre (et dévoile des anecdotes)

Since last September, Clémence Rochefort, the youngest daughter of the illustrious Jean Rochefort, has been on stage at La Scala in Paris once a month. She plays her own play there, An evening with Jean Rochefort , in which she pays homage to her father. And their special relationship. For the occasion, handpicked guests systematically join her on stage. After Thierry Lhermitte and Vincent Delerm, it's Alex Vizorek's turn to join her on stage this Monday, October 31. Marina Hands, Alex Lutz and Guillaume Canet will also tread the boards of the Parisian theater alongside her during the next performances of the show, which has moreover been extended until 2023. On this occasion, the young thirty-something has agreed to engage in the Parisian this Sunday, October 30, 2022.

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Jean Rochefort was 'very lucid' on his own death: his daughter testifies

Clémence Rochefort was 24 years old when her father died on October 9, 2017 at the age of 87 from cancer. But, as she explains in the columns of the Parisian , she was amply prepared for it. It was his father himself who spoke to him about it openly. 'He himself was preparing us for it, since I was a teenager he told me 'I'm going to die soon'. He was very lucid about it…' , she explains at first. “He told me there was no time to waste, so we did things right away” , continues the one who had forged special ties with her father. And it's up to her to slip: 'I find it wonderful to have had a short and intense relationship with my father, there are no regrets, no frustration, everything has been said, we have said everything' .

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An evening with Jean Rochefort : a daughter's tribute to her father

So, just a few months after her death, Clémence Rochefort began writing Board , a book published in 2020 in which she responds to her father and the words he himself had written on the 2011 paper in his book The Louvre on horseback . 'It was really liberating to write, it helped me to mourn, we cry a lot while writing, but then things are settled' , first details Clémence Rochefort. A novel that has always been intended to become a play and which should have been a play from the start.

'My father wanted to stage 'The Louvre on Horseback' for a long time, which he was never able to achieve' , explains the young woman to our colleagues. And Clemence adds: 'He wanted to do it so badly, but his body was giving up and he was very sad that he had never done it. I think he would be very happy (...) It's a way of paying homage to him, of making his wishes come true.' . And to soberly conclude: ' I still had that to do, it's a bit of a promise kept (…) I also wanted to be on stage. I told myself that it's a good way to extend my book to be on stage, to be at my father's side' .

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