'He got picked': Renaud fell in love (again), at 70 he metamorphosed, 'beard trimmed, kilos less'

Surprise, singer Renaud has found love again! It is the magazine 'Paris Match' which echoes this beautiful and unexpected news. The artist, who has decided to return to live in Paris, has even begun a physical metamorphosis since he fell under the spell of a mysterious stranger.

  'They'est fait cueillir" : Renaud est (re)tombé amoureux, à 70 ans il se métamorphose, "barbe taillée, kilos en moins"

Love among seniors. At 70, Renaud is in love. The interpreter of the tubes Let it go , Winner Mistral , The Bobos or Still alive fell in love with a woman who lives in Paris. While he had already had the opportunity to discuss his recent crush in the pages of JDD in May 2022, here is that Paris Match publishes photos of him with the one who makes his heart beat and claims that the romance would have taken shape.

Renaud in love: a story of friendship transformed into a love story?

In the spring, then in full promotion of his last album entitled metic , Renaud granted an interview to the Sunday newspaper in which he gave his news. He revealed that he had stopped drinking, slowed down the cigarette – he notably switched to the electronic cigarette – and fell in love. ' Yes, it happens to me again, just last week. But she wants us to stay friends. It's already good, friendship is stronger than love ', he said. But things seem to have evolved...

Indeed, Renaud has left his home in L'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue to return to live most of his time in Paris. And not only for lack of the capital and the terrace of the famous The Closerie des Lilacs ; he owns an apartment in this district of Paris. ' He did not return to L'Isle-sur-La-Sorgue because he hoped this story would work “, confided a relative quoted by Paris Match . Still according to an indiscretion of a relative, ' since her divorce from Romane [Serda, which occurred in 2011, editor's note] , he was very scalded by love. And then he got picked off like a bruise. 'Throughout the Summer, Renaud' never stopped courting, like an English gentleman (...) And then things have evolved, until the bond becomes real between two beings who did not expect it “, add our colleagues.

Renaud transformed by love!

The singer, whose voice has been very damaged by his years of excess and who has multiplied health problems, seems to be in good shape today. Besides, love would not be foreign to this physical transformation . Because yes, the artist is taking care of himself again after counting in recent years on two loyal fans who have become assistants and daily helpers, Pierre and Bloodi, ' We are very protective of him, we sometimes pull up his braces, we protect him, including himself. He would be dead if we weren't here “, they had entrusted to the Parisian, in 2019.

Malone's dad, his now 16-year-old son, started a resurrection. ' Little by little, Renaud starts to look like Renaud again: change of haircut, trimmed beard, fewer pounds ' precise Paris Match , who spotted him hand in hand with his new girlfriend in the streets of Paris on October 15. And, visibly very much in love, Renaud has even changed his habits, leaving the corner of the Closerie to go for a walk with her in another district of the capital, that of the Abbesses.

Source journaldesfemmes.fr