'He didn't need to rape anyone': Emmanuelle Seigner defends her husband, Roman Polanski, the Web is indignant

While she is generally very discreet about the accusations of rape and sexual abuse against her husband, Roman Polanski, Emmanuelle Seigner spoke this Sunday, October 16, 2022 in 'Sept à Huit'. She would have done better to abstain, the Canvas fell on her.

  'He n'avait besoin de violer personne" : Emmanuelle Seigner défend son mari, Roman Polanski, la Toile s'indigne

This is a first, but obviously they are not all good to take. Indeed, this Sunday, October 16, 2022, Emmanuelle Seigner has spoken out for the very first time about the rape and sexual abuse charges against her husband, director Roman Polanski , for more than forty years. Guest on the TF1 show seven to eight to talk about the release of his book A burnt life in which she will give, from October 26, her version and that of her husband, the 56-year-old actress took the opportunity to give her opinion on the #MeToo movement. Controversial and divisive statements that are unlikely to attract sympathy …

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Emmanuelle Seigner and the Samantha Geimer affair, revelations

Since the late 1970s, several women accuse the now 89-year-old of abusing or raping them . Nothing to scare Emmanuelle Seigner visibly. Because, at the mention of the very first case incriminating him, that of Samantha Geimer (formerly Samantha Gailey), a 13-year-old girl whom he is accused of having drugged and raped in 1977 during a photo shoot , a story that will still have earned him to spend 42 days behind bars in the United States, the sister of Mathilde Seigner respond : 'Thirteen is young of course, but it was a very permissive time' .

Before continuing : 'The relationship to age has also changed a lot. At the time, we praised the lolita, we celebrated it. So me, having started my modeling career at 14, it was not a story that shocked me' . And to add: “He feels guilty towards us” . And to Audrey Crespo-Mara to retort: 'Not guilty of having slept with a 14-year-old girl?' . ' Although sur. Especially since they (Samantha Geimer and Roman Polanski, editor's note) have very good relations today ' , then says Emmanuelle Seigner. ' They exchange e-mails. She can't stand this victim status anymore. That's why she's asking for the charges to be dropped. ' .

Emmanuelle Seigner blacklisted and unconditional support of her husband

A beginning of exchange which did not bode well for the future. 'Me when I met my husband, all the women wanted to sleep with him, all the young girls wanted to sleep with him, it was crazy, it was crazy' , continues Emmanuelle Seigner. 'He was 52, he looked 30, he was a great director, so he was a huge draw and i don't think he needed to rape anyone ' , she said before declaring: 'We don't have to applaud this era. But it was like that' .

The actress then deplores that the presumption of innocence is 'totally screwed up' in France. And considers that the Polanski affair - let us remember that although the facts are now time-barred, Roman Polanski is now accused of sexual abuse and rape by five women - is “a delirium (…) a madness” . 'It's awful because he can't edit a film. Actors are advised not to act in his films (…) Myself, I am blacklisted in France (…) I am also prevented (…) And it is totally unfair' , she then becomes indignant. Before getting annoyed: 'Me in any case, the man with whom I live, he is not at all the person I hear about, not at all (…) He saw it very badly, he is bruised (…) Leave him alone, let them take care of the real predators, people who are a danger to society (…) leave him alone ' .

Emmanuelle Seigner's speech does not pass to internet users

It will be understood, in this interview of about fifteen minutes, Emmanuelle Seigner publicly defends body and soul the man with whom she had two children and whom she values ​​today 'hall ' . Speaking at prime time, she intends to denounce the 'delusions and excesses' who turned her spouse into 'pariah to satisfy the spirit of the times' . Led by Audrey Crespo-Mara to speak about the release of the words of victims and the #MeToo movement, she subsequently completely invalidates the words of alleged victims and even goes so far as to criticize certain feminist movements. 'It's very good that speech is being released, but we are witnessing a lot of excesses, abuses, lies which discredit these victims and which do them a disservice' , she shouts. This is therefore what does not pass, neither on the TV sets, nor on the social networks.

Many Internet users, anonymous and personalities, have underlined the indecency and disrespect of the actress, but also of TF1. 'This ease of knowing better than the people concerned what they may have experienced, felt, wanted' , for example, wrote Cécile Delarue, who for her part testified to sexual abuse in the PPDA affair, on her Twitter account. The feminist association We All castigated the free channel for broadcasting this 'tribune of choice in the defense of an aggressor and multi-recidivist rapist' .

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