Haute-Savoie: two dead babies found in a family apartment

The bodies of two infants were found in an apartment in Rumilly, Haute-Savoie, after a call for help from the mother. These, in an advanced state of decomposition, would have died many months ago.

  Haute-Savoie: two dead babies found in a family apartment

It was a cry for help from the mother that triggered the arrival of the gendarmes. The Annecy prosecutor indicated on Friday that two dead babies , whose bodies are in a very advanced state of decomposition, had been found in a dwelling in Rumilly, about twenty kilometers from Annecy (Haute-Savoie).

Dead babies found in family apartment

According to Dauphine Libere , who uncovered the case, the discovery of the bodies dates back to January 1. They were in one of the apartments of a building in the Cité de la Salle, occupied for three years by a family: a couple and their two children aged 3 years and 18 months. The mother, in a state of deep psychological distress, alerted the emergency services to the presence of two dead newborns and made suicidal remarks , reports the regional daily.

One skeletal baby, the other mummified

On the spot, firefighters, gendarmes and experts from the criminal identification cell of the gendarmerie (CIC) discovered the bodies were found in a state of a skeleton for one and mummified for the other. One of them was found in a suitcase.

Babies were subject, states the Dauphine Libere , an autopsy earlier this week. This revealed that the first, found as a skeleton, was less than two months old at the time of his death and that his death would date back to less than two years. The autopsy could not date the death of the second infant, mummified .

'A normal family', according to the neighbors

Asked by France Blue Country of Savoy , the neighbors are taken aback. They evoke a ' normal family ' , even if some still testify 'regular arguments' . 'Few people seem to really know them', nevertheless specifies the local radio.

The hospitalized mother, the untraceable father

The mother was taken care of by the emergency services and hospitalized. According to France Blue , his psychological state is incompatible with a hearing by the gendarmes. The father was not in the apartment at the time of the intervention of the gendarmes. On the door of the accommodation, sealed since January 1, a small poster specifies that the instruction concerns a ' aggravated manslaughter' . The public prosecutor of Annecy, Line Bonnet-Mathis, confirmed Thursday evening on the radio the opening of a preliminary investigation.

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