Hanukkah 2022: dates, origins, gifts

Hanukkah is a Jewish holiday celebrated at the end of the year. Gifts, candles and donuts are there for eight days. This is what this holiday, one of the most joyful in the Hebrew calendar, consists of.

  Hanukkah 2022: dates, origins, gifts

Hanukkah (or Hanukkah) is the festival of lights. Every day for eight days, Jews light an additional candle on a special candlestick, called Hanukkah . Symbolically, the candles represent the last small vial of oil that survived the desecration of the Second Temple in Jerusalem by the Seleucids (Greco-Macedonian dynasty). She who was supposed to provide for the lighting of the menorah, the candelabrum of the Temple, only one day, finally held for eight days. This is the famous 'hanukkah miracle', still commemorated today. The celebrations are joyful, with the family, sometimes even outdoors with public lighting, and honor children. They then receive many gifts, while feasting on beignets . Here are the traditions and history of Hanukkah... the most anticipated holiday of the year!

What are the dates of Hanukkah 2022?

In 2022, the Hanukkah holiday takes place from December 18 to 26 . The Festival of Lights, which therefore lasts 8 days, begins each year on the eve of 25 of the month of Kislev in the Hebrew calendar.

What is the story of Hanukkah?

I II and century BC, after multiple confrontations, Greco-Syrian Seleucid kings rule over Judea . In a perspective of Hellenization of his kingdom, King Antiochus IV decides to prohibit the Jewish religion while his father, Antiochus III, had previously guaranteed freedom of worship. Refusing this sentence, some Jews, led by Judas Maccabee go into resistance. Emerging victorious from the struggle opposing them to the Seleucid troops, the Jews reconquered Jerusalem and built a new altar in the temple. It's time to relight the candlestick. Only a vial of oil survived the massacre . Its capacity should only allow the candelabra to be powered for a single day. Then a miracle happened: contrary to predictions, the candlestick would stay lit for eight days...

What is the difference between a Menorah and a Hanukkah?

The hanukkiah is directly inspired by the menorah, the seven-branched candelabrum of the Temple of Jerusalem. The seven branches correspond to the seven days of the week, while Hanukkah has nine supports. Eight are necessarily aligned, and the ninth, called the shamash, is used to light the other candles and must be raised. The eight branches refer directly to the eight days during which the vial of oil lasted.

What is the meaning of Hanukkah?

In Hebrew, 'Hanukah' means 'inauguration', in reference to the building of the Temple in Jerusalem which had been destroyed. Hanukkah also symbolizes The festival of lights', in reference to the ignition of a vial of oil which miraculously lasted 8 days. This Jewish holiday also symbolizes the miracle of Hanukkah.

Why do we play spinning tops on Hanukkah?

Despite the ban on studying the Jewish religion decreed by Antiochus IV, some Jews continued to learn Torah underground. . When they feared being spotted in their activity, they hastened to play spinning tops, in order to create a diversion . The top also called 'dreïdel' includes four letters of the Hebrew alphabet on each side (Noun, Guimel, Hé and Pé) and remains an essential element of the Hanukkah celebration.

9-branch Hanukkah menorah: why do we light candles?

Emblem of the Hanukkah holiday, the nine-branch candlestick, also called Chanukiah, is the object around which all attention crystallizes. Each evening, a new candle is placed to the left of the candle lit the day before, while prayers and liturgical songs are recited. The ninth branch, called the Shamash, is used to light the other candles (from left to right). On the first evening, we light a single candle using the Shamash, on the second evening, two candles, and so on until the 8th day, when the candlestick is fully lit. When lighting the candles, the Jews recite a prayer.

What gift to give for Hanukkah?

It is customary to offer children some change. This gratification is supposed to encourage them to study. Games or books related to religion as well as spinning tops are among the most classic gifts. The nature of the gift may vary depending on the degree of spirituality of the families. . Some children will thus be given gifts and toys with no religious connotation. In most homes, children are particularly spoiled, like at Christmas, with a gift every evening for 8 days!

Why do we eat donuts on Hanukkah?

Made from oil, the donut in turn recalls the miracle of the vial … It is the central food of the Hanukkah holiday. In Hebrew, these donuts are called Soufganiot, they are dipped in sugar and shared with the family during the feast. According to tradition, some donuts are also filled with chocolate or jam. Generally speaking, fried foods are eaten for Hanukkah. We then meet as a family for the lighting of candles, we offer gifts to children, we sing and we dance, while tasting donuts.

Why Hanukkah lasts 8 days?

The duration of Hanukkah is of course to be compared to the miracle described in the biblical account. The vial of oil indeed lasted 8 days.

How to wish a happy hanukkah?

To wish each other a happy Hanukkah, the faithful usually say ' Hag Sameah ' or ' Hanouka Sameah '.

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