Halloween decoration: 15 cheap and easy DIY ideas to do yourself

HALLOWEEN HOME DECOR. Make way for Halloween DIY! Want to stage the interior or exterior of the house in a 'creepy' way? Here are inexpensive DIY Halloween decorating ideas that will send shivers down your spine. Not to mention sites where you can find ready-to-use Halloween decorations.

  Halloween decoration: 15 cheap and easy DIY ideas to do yourself

[Updated Oct 19, 2022 4:45 PM] How to make a great Halloween decoration? In anticipation of All Saints' Day, it's never too early to stock up on ideas and put your interior (and exterior) on Halloween time! The best solution ? Make your own Halloween decoration using DIY at low prices but with great effects. The frightening decoration based on decorated pumpkins, fake spiders and other skeletons .

But in fact, when is Halloween exactly? Know that it's every year the same date: October 31 , on the eve of All Saints. So you can decorate the inside the house and even the outside during the month of October and a bit after to enjoy it longer. Originally from Ireland then popularized in the United States, this holiday is now a real opportunity to decorate your home in a creative way. Profusions of pumpkins, skeletons and other ghosts... Your home turns into a real haunted house!

When to start your Halloween decoration?

To be ready on October 31, we recommend that you think about your Halloween decoration about a month before the event, i.e. at the end of September . In stores, as well as online, everything you need is already on sale. Start by taking stock of what you already have and list what you might be missing. Once you've made your purchases, install your Halloween decoration right away so you can enjoy it until D-Day, or even a little later.


How to decorate the interior of the house for Halloween? Cheap ideas

Need inspiration and ideas for imagine your home Halloween decor ? You've come to the right place, but first you'll have to choose your side! Some will prefer a very autumnal decoration that highlights pumpkins, turnips and other natural seasonal decorations and others will prefer to create a spooky halloween decoration haunted house style.

Idea n°1: decorate in black and orange

No need to look far to create a Halloween decor! Simply bet on decorative accessories orange and black that you will have on your table, on your sofa or on your furniture. Candles of these two colors, for example, will immediately set the tone and at a low price!

Idea #2: Decorate Pumpkins


Traditionally, the halloween party is an opportunity to dig a turnip or a pumpkin and place a candle there to scare away evil spirits. The famous Jack O'Lantern and his terrifying face can easily set the tone in your interior. Be creative, you can also carve the pumpkins as you see fit to make an original candle holder. Besides, the pumpkins will be very decorative even if you don't carve them. As a table runner or in accumulation on a piece of furniture with a few candles, they will have their little effect. They can even be decorated with sequins or used for write a message . For even more originality, we choose a white variety!

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Idea #3: Decorate with spiders

Do you want a more mysterious atmosphere? The easiest way is to stretch false Spider web on your furniture and everywhere in the house. You can add plastic spiders or that you will have made with cardboard and even adopt some fake bat in the decor. The idea is then to recreate a scary mansion atmosphere. To refine your esoteric atmosphere, you can install witch hats and old brooms .


Idea #4: Create decorative skeletons and ghosts

Spiders not scary enough for you? Make way for skeletons and ghosts to transform your home into a haunted house where the living dead live. The stuffing and tricks shops are full of more or less terrifying decorations that you can place in strategic places. Know that it will be easy to draw a skeleton in white paper, and a simple white sheet with a balloon will make a very good ghost.

How to make your Halloween decoration easily?

Halloween is a time to use your creativity and do it yourself decoration. The good news is that you can opt for inexpensive homemade Halloween decorations using inexpensive materials. Don't worry, it's easy:

  1. Dig your pumpkins or customize them to your liking using just a marker, paint or even glitter.
  2. You want to change classic pumpkins, prefer a orange balloon on which to draw the face with a marker.
  3. White balloons or balloons covered with a paper towel will act as f ghosts to hang all over the house.
  4. In paper or cardboard, you can easily cut shapes that will serve as decorations: spiders, bats, pumpkins, ghosts... .

Here are others DIY Halloween decoration ideas :

How to decorate the exterior of the house for Halloween?

To impress passers-by, neighbors and perhaps the children who will ring your doorbell on October 31 to collect candies, also think about the decorating the exterior of the house . Get inspired by Halloween decorations from american and pick from these 5 DIY ideas:

  • Position pumpkins right at the doorstep hall (inground or not) or line them up along your driveway.
  • If you have a garden facing the street, you can for example to plant crosses to represent tombs and even arrange some skeletons on the grass .
  • On the night of October 31, place garlands Halloween that will highlight your decorations or adopt a multitude of candle holders.
  • On the front door , you can have a Halloween wreath, made with autumn leaves.
  • To give a spooky side to your windows, do not hesitate to install a skeleton or have fake cobwebs.

How to decorate your table for Halloween?

Do you want to make a Halloween themed table decoration? Nothing could be easier, you can use the small decorative accessories from the rest of the house to create a spooky table runner or go all out on pumpkins for a colorful decor. Choose mini pumpkins and write the name of your guests on each to use them as place tag . Also consider adding flowers to add hints of color. It is, for example, the season of chrysanthemums which you will also find in orange tones. Another option for a more original Halloween table decoration: bet on the noir , from placemats to dishes and enhance everything with touches of orange or red. You will surprise your guests!


Where can I find Halloween decorations?

To make your homemade Halloween decorations, go to stores that offer creative hobby equipment like Cultura, Zodio or Sostrene Grene. You should also know that these signs offer decorative accessories all made to enhance your spooky decor. You will also find many Halloween decorations online and in stores. IKEA, Hema, GiFi, La Foir'Fouille, Action, Flying Tiger ...as well as in the party and fancy dress signs . Even easier? Think of the supermarkets which often present a small selection as October 31 approaches and which also stock up on pumpkins in the fruit and vegetable section. Also take a tour of garden center like Truffaut, Botanic or Jardiland or even at your florist to find accessories and decorative elements that will feed the decorations to make yourself.


How to make an American Halloween decoration?

In the United States, Halloween is one of the traditions most celebrated by adults, like children who dress up to better go in search of candies. In their house but also - and above all? - outside, Americans are serious about Halloween decor! Carved or painted pumpkins, witches, vampires and life-size skeletons, macabre stagings and illuminations worthy of an amusement park are on the agenda every year. So why not take inspiration from it but watch out for the electricity bill!

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