Hairstyle trends for fall-winter 2022-2023

Fancy a new haircut or a new color? Gianni Coppa, hairdresser, colorist and founder of the R'Factory salon reveals a preview of the trends to adopt to be on top this fall-winter.

  hairstyle trends'automne-hiver 2022-2023

curtain fringe or thick, straight or plunging square, vaporous brushing, coloring... We take stock of the trends hair that you will love this fall winter.

1. The right square

Again and again, the square will be in winter trends. On the other hand, if in previous years, fashion was plunging square, this season, we will find rather the right square and structured. 'It's the return of the full square which will be above the shoulders or the collarbone' explains Gianni Coppa, Art Director at R'Factory.

2. The sixties cut

We also note the great return of the degraded cut and vaporous Farrah Fawcett style. It caused a sensation in the 70s, we find it in 2022 and 2023. This airy brushing highlights voluminous and wide curls. With or without fringe. To achieve this hairstyle on long hair, opt for curlers, a blower brush or simply your hair dryer.

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3. Thick bangs

'We're going to have the curtain fringe which will remain a must, but also the 70s-80s fringe which will come back into fashion. It's a long fringe which will be slightly raised on the sides.' says our expert. We can also add thickness to our pretty fringe . Indeed, it will reveal itself thicker and more drawn to emphasize the look.

4. The wick on the side

We hadn't seen it since the 2000s, it is resurfacing: the famous wick on the side . 'It is placed on the forehead. We wear it long enough to put it behind the ear, or layered directly on the forehead.'

5. The coupe shag

The shag cut will always be part of the trends but it will be worn a little shorter, more boyish. In terms of styling, it will not be slick or glossy, rather disheveled.' insists the hairdresser Gianni Coppa. On the whole of the hair, we will keep a little length, while the contours will be rather shortened. The bangs will also appear shorter on the forehead.

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6. Warm colors

Like every autumn, a crush on the copper shades . We will also love a shimmering and delicious brown color to bring luminosity to dark shades.

7. Le blond camel

Blond is not to be outdone as every year, but for autumn-winter, we will prefer a warm blond, rather wheat, camel or sand. Exit on polar blonde !

8. The sinking

'The sunken will come back into fashion' says Gianni Coppa. 'Sombre is for dark bases, from Dark blond dark to light brown, and the goal is to bring nuance by lightening 2 to 3 tones maximum to enhance and create reflections. The front of the hair will be enhanced with contouring to bring points of light and a pretty look.'

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9. Chocolate or hazelnut highlights

A good way to change color subtly is to add highlights. Ideal on a dark base, the colorist keeps the natural color and adds some reflections in chocolate or hazelnut tones.

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10. Waves

This season, the wavy is becoming more and more rare to leave room for 'waves'. Very loose waves, vaporous like small waves that will adapt very well to the square cut .

11. The 90s brushing

With this hairstyle, we obtain volume at the root while the tips are tucked inside to have a beautiful hair effect. The stripes will be more rounded, domed and slightly glossy.

Find Gianni's expertise at the R'Factory show in the 15th arrondissement of Paris. To follow him on Instagram: Gianni Coppa