Gwendoline Hamon is 52 years old: Famous grandfather, Ghosts, Frédéric Diefenthal, Mourning, Cancer, Son of Claude François...

Gwendoline Hamon turns 52 on August 27! His son, his marriage to a famous actor, his love affair with the son of Claude François, his overwhelming mourning... What do you know about the interpreter of Commissioner Cassandre in the France 3 series?

  Gwendoline Hamon is 52 years old: Famous grandfather, Ghosts, Frédéric Diefenthal, Mourning, Cancer, Son of Claude François...

Gwendoline Hamon turns 52 August 27! The television, film and theater star has played the role of Commissioner Cassandre in the France 3 series since 2015. But did you know that the actress was the granddaughter of a famous playwright , that she had been romantically involved with the son of Claude Francois , that she had been married to Frederic Diefenthal and that she had a panic fear of ghosts ? Secrets and atypical journey of the actress.

Gwendoline Hamon lived in Senegal

Gwendoline Hamon was born on August 27, 1970 in Boulogne-Billancourt, but lives in Senegal during part of his childhood, until he was eight years old, when his parents divorced. His father remains in the West African country, but his mother decides to return to France with the little Gwendoline and her little sister .

Gwendoline Hamon is the granddaughter of Jean Anouilh

From then on, Gwendoline Hamon was brought up largely by his grandmother, Nicole Anouilh , actress... As for her famous grandfather, it is the playwright Jean Anouilh. It is therefore since her earliest childhood that Gwendoline Hamon has been immersed in the world of theater and cinema. ' My grandmother took me to the theater two or three times a week . Basically, I became an actress so that my grandparents would be proud of me. I wanted to impress them “, she had entrusted to the newspaper The cross .

Gwendoline Hamon, her 'demanding' grandmother at the theater

In 1990, when she was barely 20 years old, she began her theater career and played in The Miser , with Michel Bouquet. She can of course count on the support of her grandmother to guide her in her first steps on the boards. ' When I passed my first audition to play L'Avare, with Michel Bouquet, she made me repeat, repeat, going so far as to imitate my clumsiness. She was tough, demanding with me, and she was right “, remembered Gwendoline Hamon.

Gwendoline Hamon: theater and television

Throughout her career, the actress also played in his grandfather's pieces . In 2000, his performance in The New Testament by Sacha Guitry, directed by Bernard Murat, enabled her to be named to the Molière of theatrical revelation.

Later, she also plays in several television series such as Cops , between 2007 and 2011, or Cassandra , in which she camps the Curator Florence Cassandre since 2015, where she gives the reply to Alexandre Varga and Dominique Pinon.

Gwendoline Hamon: her difficult mourning

At the same time, Gwendoline Hamon wrote her first novel in 2014, named The gods are cows , in which she evokes the cancer of her mother Caroline, carried away by a Uterus cancer in just a few weeks.

' The diagnosis fell on November 19, she died on January 26. sixty-nine days . For Christmas, we had the right to put in his hospital room, a tree, garlands, photos, flowers. It was a gay thing, but it was the last. I don't know if she knew “, had confided the artist to Gala .

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Gwendoline Hamon: her marriage to Frédéric Diefenthal

In terms of sentimental life, the actress marries the comedian Frederic Diefenthal in 2004. Together, they become parents of a little boy named Gabriel , but divorced in 2013.” Gabriel lives with me, but when there's a need to tighten things up or make a decision, I can count on his father. His authority is more respected than mine “, had confided the actress to Here is in 2021.

In the same interview, Gwendoline Hamon had confided with tenderness about her son: ' It's the funniest, the smartest, the most beautiful, the most 'everything'. We have a very strong relationship. Right now, I'm very moved by what he's become. He mutates, like the variants… His voice, his body, his hairiness, he's a guy'.

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Gwendoline Hamon was in a relationship with the son of Claude François

From now on, according to his confidences to Release , Gwendoline Hamon is in a relationship with a neurologist whose name she was. But long before these last stories of the heart, the actress had a romance with the son of Claude Francois , Marc François, between the ages of 17 and 20.

Gwendoline Hamon, frightened by a ghost (or almost)

During the three years of their love story, Gwendoline Hamon often finds Marc François in the late singer's former apartment . But at the time, rumors indicate that the place would be haunted. What frighten Gwendoline Hamon, who has a real ghost phobia .

So, to reassure his girlfriend at the time, Marc François decides to play a vinyl by an American singer... but he gets the wrong record, and it's the voice of Claude François which resounds then . Believing to hear a voice from beyond, the actress takes to her heels. ' A monstrous flip ', she recalled at the microphone d'Europe 1 .