Grandfather's Day 2022: date and gift ideas for grandpa

Grandfathers have their own day of celebration today. A situation that has only been in effect for a short time, the latter having long been forgotten by the filial festivities... Unless grandpa resists, it is advisable to organize yourself as well as possible to celebrate this moment, by noting first of all the date of D-Day on an agenda. As for gifts, each profile has an idea.

  Grandfather's Day 2022: date and gift ideas for grandpa

When is Grandfather's Day in 2022?

The grandfathers day will be held on Sunday, October 2, 2022 . Like every year, it is held on 1 is Sunday in October.

How long has Grandfather's Day existed?

From Mother's Day to Father's Day to Grandmother's Day, grandfathers were left behind. Since 2008, the oversight has been repaired and grandpas are now in the spotlight, more than two decades after grandmothers, with their own dedicated party.

Who is behind the (recent) Grandfather's Day?

Grandfather's Day was created by the writer Franck Izquierdo . This initiative was supported by the State Secretariat for Seniors. In this regard, Franck Izquierdo declares: ' For the record, I decided to establish this party in honor of my two grandfathers and all the grandfathers. (…) May this celebration connect all generations and be an excellent opportunity for all families in France to come together to celebrate the patriarch of their family… '

How do you celebrate your grandfathers?

You are probably familiar with the fads and habits of your grandfather . An asset that should help you in the quest for a present to offer him . If you're out of ideas, don't panic, we'll help you find some inspiration.

  • Is your grandfather sporty, able to put on roller blades or go hiking for long hours? Offer him an object capable of accompanying him on his wanderings (gourd, compass, solar lighter, Swiss army knife, fishing equipment, etc.).
  • If your grandpa is a geek, a USB key will allow him to store his files permanently.
  • A specialist in good food, he will no doubt appreciate receiving, at the start of autumn, a book of Christmas recipes or recipes related to mycology (the season is for picking mushrooms!).
  • Don't forget to find something to fill your tool kit or maintain your garden or window boxes.
  • If he has kept a child's soul and is curious about everything, go to shows, the circus, festivals, theater or exhibitions.

The time has come to make up for lost time and spend time together, far from the worries of the year 2020. Finally, don't forget that any kind of attention (note, cake made by you , walk in nature, etc.), will go straight to his heart.