Grace Kelly: Prince Albert comes clean about her death after wild rumors

Forty years later, the death of Grace Kelly still intrigues as much. Some crazy rumors continue to swirl, but his son, Prince Albert, wanted to establish the truth...

  Grace Kelly: Prince Albert reveals his truth about her death after the wild rumors

It's been almost 40 years since Grace Kelly left this world. The date of September 14, 1982 will remain in the minds of the princely family of Monaco as the fatal day when the princess lost her life in a terrible car accident. On September 13, 1982, his daughter Stephanie of Monaco must complete a styling course for the house of Dior. Grace Kelly offers to accompany him and drives the vehicle. Mother and daughter are leaving the Grimaldi property, in Roc Agel, when on the road, a truck follows them and sees the car ' make many zig-zags, hitting rocks, before picking up speed and plunging into the void and crashing after barrel rolls below “, according to the official report.

Grace of Monaco: the crazy theories around her death

The Princess of Monaco was quickly transported to the hospital that bears her name, but succumbs to his injuries . His death was pronounced the day after his hospitalization, the famous September 14, 1982. But what really happened on this mortuary road? Several theories, some more outlandish than others, have been put forward to explain what could have caused the accident that killed Grace Kelly .

For some, the sect of the order of the solar temple , whom Grace Kelly would have joined before her death, would have sabotaged the vehicle with a view to revenge, the princess not having made a sufficient financial contribution. For others, it's the Princess Stephanie who reportedly drove the car and caused the accident. So many theories that have been refuted, but which continue to maintain the mystery about the death of Grace Kelly.

Death of Grace Kelly: Prince Albert makes an update

For his famous son, the prince Albert , ' there was never any doubt “, he recently entrusted to nice morning . ' I spoke to the people who were there: the emergency services, but also the doctors, to understand the circumstances of the accident concluding that she had this stroke that caused her to pass out in the car “, he assured.

The scan carried out at the hospital had indeed shown that Princess Grace of Monaco had been victim of a mild stroke when she was driving the car, which heavily impacted her responsiveness... and caused the drama. Her husband, Prince Rainier, had also confirmed that, in the days preceding the accident, the princess had complained of heavy migraines.

Stephanie of Monaco evokes the death of her mother

But then, why did the mystery persist so much after his death? According Closer , Stephanie of Monaco had concluded in a previous interview: ' There was so much magic around mom that somehow some people stopped seeing her as a human being. . It was hard for people to accept that something as trivial as a car accident could happen to him. People thought I had to be responsible, because she was too perfect to make that kind of mistake. '.