Goat, your horoscope for January 2023

What does January 2023 have in store for Goat people? The answer with the wise advice of our Chinese horoscope, from love to health through an opinion to ponder...

 Goat, your horoscope for January 2023

Love & Dating

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With the help of the star Thanh Long, your marital relationship improves considerably this time. This improvement will be due to a spontaneous renewal of affection between you and your spouse or partner. Single, how many opportunities for dating and romantic adventures these days! You won't know where to turn and you'll be spoiled for choice. All pretexts will be good to become the Don Juans or the Messalinas. In short, the period will be very good for flirting and also for love.

Money & work

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With this aspect of the Thanh Long planet, it will be the time to come out into the open and make all the contacts likely to improve your professional life and facilitate the proper development of your various projects. Do not be fearful: 'Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you' (Gospel). You will have the possibility of consolidating your material situation thanks to profitable transactions that a very auspicious planetary environment will offer you. You will know how to take calculated risks and limit possible dangers as much as possible.

Health & Fitness

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The timely influence of the star Long Duc in your health sector will relax your nerves while giving you more energy. You will be both more dynamic and more relaxed, and will thus be able to multiply your activities without feeling tired. You will do things in a serious way, but relaxed and with pleasure. Ah, if you could continue like this indefinitely!

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astro advice

 astro advice

With this aspect of the star Duong Phu, you could suffer from a considerable incapacity to support the obstacles, to admit the existence of external resistances and to consent to the efforts that an adequate solution would require. Know however that 'it is better to trust one's courage than fortune' (Publilius Syrus). It is very likely that this period will cause a drastic change in your life, a change that will only come to an end in a few years. It is up to you to do what is necessary to direct this transformation in a constructive direction before it is too late. Know that 'Man, whatever one says, is the master of his destiny. From what we have given him, he can always do something' (Jean Grenier).

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