Glenn Viel is the guest of the Best Pastry Chef

After being revealed to the general public in Top Chef, Glenn Viel is back on M6 in Le Meilleur Pâtissier. Find out which test he will be evaluating.

  Glenn Viel is the'invité du Meilleur Pâtissier

[Updated October 24, 2022 at 9:47 a.m.] Glenn Much is the new star chef of M6. After becoming known to the general public as member of the jury Top Boss , the three-starred chef of The Oustau de Baumanière Les Baux-de-Provence will be the guest of another show this Wednesday, October 26.

The fans of Best Pastry Chef will indeed find Glenn Much next to Cyril and Mercotte for a week placed under the sign of Provence. When he comes, the candidates will have to represent a symbol of the region in a cake, before having it tasted by the jury but also by Glenn Viel, who will be able to designate his heart stroke and save an amateur pastry chef from elimination . While waiting to see him again on screen this Wednesday on M6, here is his biography.

How old is Glenn Viel? His biography

Born January 2, 1980 in Versailles, Glenn Viel grew up in a family of soldiers, gendarmes (like his father) and cooks . The dish of his childhood? A rice pudding, lukewarm, gourmet, with farm milk . After having moved several times, in 1996 he began a BEP cookery at the vocational school La Closerie (Côtes d'Armor). His first internship, he did with Joël Boillaud, at the Hostellerie du Nord before joining the capital and the splendor of Le Meurice under the Marc Marchand era.
He then chained the big houses of the Plaza Athénée at the Hyatt Madeleine, in Casablanca then at the Monte-Cristo in Le Castellet . At 28, he won his first place of chef in Marseille, at Le Peron, where he obtained a first star , before making a passage to Cheval Blanc and Kilimanjaro, in Courchevel.

What is the name of Glenn Viel's restaurant?

In 2015, Glenn Viel rejoined the Provence and Oustau de Baumanière . This great adventure began in 2015 when Jean-André Charial, chef and owner, hired him to revive this mythical restaurant, once three stars, nestled at the foot of the cliffs of Baux-de-Provence. In this place steeped in history, Glenn Viel concocts an elegant and sober cuisine that promotes Provençal products, and in particular organic vegetables and fruits from the five vegetable gardens . ' Often I spend whole mornings there. It's therapeutic ', he confides to La Provence. The other strong point of this restaurant backed by a five-star hotel including a luxurious spa, is the huge wine cellar which has more than 50,000 references, including wines from exception.
AND n 2020, the third star crowned his relentless investment . ' It's a moment that you have to experience once in your life. It's a lot of emotion, you have to take it with full arms “, he confides to the newspaper La Croix. For Glenn Viel, it is a “ kid's dream ' which also rewards the great complementarity that exists with Jean-André Charial, the owner who gave him plenty of time to create his own culinary identity. In addition to his obvious know-how, Glenn Viel has the art of composing plates of disarming simplicity by linking them with rare attentions: food and bread pairings, dishes made in house pottery, but also already cult dishes such as 'The knives with their feet in the water', the 'Stapled red mullet' or even the 'Condimented tight lettuce'. In this 'harmony', the work of the pastry chef must also be included Brandon Ten who inscribes his sweet gourmet creations in the same spirit of authenticity and taste as those of the chef. More than a complicity, it is a real friendship that binds the two men.

Glenn Viel: his couple and his hair are intriguing

Like all chefs exposed to the media, Glenn Much intrigue beyond its cuisine. From the top of his 1m87, the one who dreamed younger of being a policeman or judoka, speaks regularly about the dyslexia he suffered from when he was young, which earned him ridicule but also forged his character as a fighter. In a previous interview, Glenn Viel, also known for his iconic gray ponytail, also told us that he was as a couple for many years with a young woman named Erika , with whom he had two beautiful children. 'She sacrificed her career for mine, she's been supporting me for 17 years,' he admitted, adding, 'I have an amazing wife. My success is also hers.'