Gérard Darmon in cold with his exes (including Mathilda May)? He answers straight up!

An emblematic figure of French cinema, Gérard Darmon has this irresistible je-ne-sais-quoi. While he delivers himself openly in the columns of 'Gala' alongside his wife Christine, a look back at all those who have shared his life until today.

  Gérard Darmon in cold with his exes (including Mathilda May)? He answers straight up!

At 74, Gérard Darmon never stops taking on new challenges. On the boards of the Théâtre Edouard VII in the play A delicate situation , he gives himself up with an open heart in the columns of Gala on his life course, happy, often, tumultuous, above all. A winding path, which he wouldn't change a thing. If he is where he is today, he readily admits that he owes it to the sum of his experiences. Unfailing wisdom.

Gérard Darmon: A 'chaotic' sentimental life

With his matte skin, his silver mane, his willingly carnivorous smile, Gérard Darmon is the incarnation of the sexy septuagenarian. But behind the apparent confidence, this image is not quite the reflection of the young man he was. For Gala, he tells live a fulfilling life as a couple with Christine, his wife of twenty years, while specifying that 'before, it was more chaotic' . Confident still having had his ' very young first daughter, at 20 (Virginie Darmon, 54 years old editor's note )' and ' it was hard to accept '. The couple he then formed with Nicole Recoules, whom he met during a drama class, did not survive the pangs of youth. Shortly after, cause or consequence, Gérard Darmon met another actress in the making, Anaïs Jeanneret.

Gérard Darmon close to his ex-girlfriends?

Not really a heartbreaker, willingly justifying ' a misunderstanding ' on his subject - ' I remember as a young man, I heard myself say by women: 'You reassure me'. It surprised me because I was unable to reassure myself .' -, he meets the actress Mathilda May in 1994. Together, they will have two children: Sarah, 28, and Jules, 25. The couple separated in 1999, a complicated period for Gérard Darmon. ' My life was falling apart following a breakup “, he specifies to Paris Match .

If he was able to bounce back personally and professionally thanks to the success of the film Asterix: Cleopatra mission , he has since preferred to keep his distance from his exes. ' I try to instill in my children the sense of siblings, which I may have missed as an only child, and I have cordial relations with my exes, no more (...) I have a hard time understanding people who say, 'That's great, we have a really good relationship' and who go out to dinner together, with the new spouses. I have too much imagination to bear that.'

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Gérard Darmon married to Christine, his wife younger than him

For more than twenty years, actor Gérard Darmon has lived in great love with Christine. Far from his past and chaotic loves, it is in the present that the actor flourishes, alongside the one he met in 2000. A story of love and longevity, which offered him 5 years ago, the arrival of her fourth child: her daughter Léna. Comfortable in his skin, comfortable in his heart, Gérard Darmon is a man who no longer has anything to prove, only to experience the joy of a constantly renewed daily life.

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