Gaspard Ulliel's ex is in a relationship with 'a son of', find out which one!

Ben Attal would be in a relationship with Jordane Crantelle, the ex-girlfriend of the late actor Gaspard Ulliel! But who is the pretty blonde who would have captured the heart of the son of Charlotte Gainsbourg and Yvan Attal? We tell you everything.

  L'ex de Gaspard Ulliel est en couple avec "un fils de", découvrez lequel !

Who would've believed that ? Ben Attal , the son of Charlotte Gainsbourg and Yvan Attal, aged 25, would be in a relationship with Jordane Crantelle , the ex-girlfriend of the late actor Gaspard ulliel . The grandson of Serge Gainsbourg formalized the news by posting a photo in which we see him kissing the young woman full on the lips, in an Instagram story.

Who is Jordane Crantelle, Gaspard Ulliel's ex?

As for Jordane Crantelle , she would be 37 years old and had been in a relationship with Gaspard ulliel for several years. At the time, the pretty blonde was in charge of international celebrities at Chanel, the house for which the actor was perfume muse. 'To hold on, an actor must have a real course of action. It goes through a certain stability in the couple. Jordane leaves for work in the morning, comes back in the evening. I discover a more normal married life. I like it, I'm very happy “, said the actor, who died in January 2022 after a skiing accident, about Jordane Crantelle.

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Ben Attal, an actor who is rising, rising...

From now on, Jordane Crantelle works in her own communication and production agency, Jordane C, and is based in Los Angeles . In particular, she manages partnerships with influencers and helps to improve the image of brands that use her services. Ben Attal, him, triumph in the cinema since his role in The human things , directed by his father, Yvan Attal, but also in the film by Sandrine Kiberlain, A young girl who is well , released in January 2022.

As a reminder, in 2019, Ben Attal was in a relationship with a young woman named Axelle, with whom he appeared on Instagram. Then, in 2021, he had also had a romance with Thylane Blondeau , 21, who is none other than… the daughter of actress Veronika Loubry and footballer Pascal Blondeau! But the actor did not comment on her. However, their last photo together having been published on the social network dates from less than a month ago…

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When Ben Attal talks about the couple of his parents

In C to you , the young man had mentioned the couple of his parents , together since 1991: ' I was very proud of my dad... and my mom too! She drinks a lot of tea, she is very nice, just the opposite of my father but that's why they complement each other perfectly “. That is what is said!