Gaspard Ulliel: his ex-girlfriend Gaëlle Pietri pays him a moving tribute

On January 19, 2022, the death of Gaspard Ulliel had shaken French cinema. Nine months after the tragedy, Gaëlle Pietri, his ex-companion, pays him a meaningful tribute.

  Gaspard Ulliel: his ex-girlfriend Gaëlle Pietri pays him a moving tribute

Remember. In February 2019, one month after the disappearance of Gaspard ulliel , his former companion, Gaëlle Pietri, had published a photo under which she had addressed a few words. ' Thank you for respecting our silence and these values ​​that have always characterized him: discretion and humility. Gaspard was a diver, sensitive to climate issues and concerned about the protection of underwater biodiversity, he would have liked the momentum aroused by his disappearance to go to the defense of these causes that were close to his heart. ', explaining his decision to join the Tara Ocean Foundation association. Today, his commitment comes to life.

A tribute crossing

This Wednesday, November 2, Gaelle Pietri wanted to take over Instagram to pay tribute again to the man she loved and who was the father of her child, Orso (6 years old) . Since the death of Gaspard Ulliel, she had remained very discreet. Like his former companion. This November 2, she posted a story in which she is on a boat and echoes the post she had published on February 19, a month after the death of Gaspard Ulliel. ' Crossing with the crew to pay homage to you, G '. This crossing is the way for the young woman to respect the wishes of her former companion, father of her son, to whom she had remained infinitely close, despite the separation. She had also wanted to silence the rumors concerning the life private of the actor, who lent him in particular a relationship with his partner on the screen, in the film More than ever, Vicky Krieps .

' No one shared Gaspard's life at the time of the tragedy . It is therefore incumbent on us with Gaspard's parents to protect his memory as well as the future of Orso. I respect the dignity of the beings who, near or far, met and accompanied Gaspard during his life. I am happy that the film 'More than Ever' is in selection at the Cannes Film Festival. I am also happy that Gaspard and Vicky Krieps supported each other on this shoot. “, had then written Gaëlle Pietri in a post Instagram.

Gaspard Ulliel, an appreciated and brilliant man

The actor died on January 19, 2022, from a ski accident at the Domaine des Rosières in Savoie. A death that then shook the entire film industry but also the French who particularly loved Gaspard Ulliel, César for best male hope in 2005 for his role in A long engagement Sunday , as well as that of the best actor for his interpretation in Just the end of the world in 2017.

' I hope More Than Ever won't just be expected because it's Gaspard Ulliel's last film. Above all, it's a very beautiful film, by a director who deserves to finally be selected for this Cannes festival (…) The screening can only be a nice moment, given that, the time of this film, Gaspard will be alive on the screen. To be present at Cannes, in a last feature film which thus speaks of the love of a couple, and of how this love can survive death, is a beautiful analogy. strong and deep “, had written Vicky Krieps, his partner in the film.