Garou: his trauma, his partner, his daughter, Lorie, Celine Dion, The Voice...

Garou turns 50 on June 26! His 'trauma', his serious accident, the reasons for his breakup with Lorie, his salary in The Voice, his current partner, why he distanced himself from Celine Dion, his daughter, his new life in a barn... Everything what you didn't know about the huge (and attractive) singer.

  Garou: his trauma, his partner, his daughter, Lorie, Celine Dion, The Voice...

Garou celebrates his 50th birthday June 26! The charming Quebecer has enchanted our ears (and our eyes) for more than two decades, but he wants to keep a certain mystery that only makes him more attractive. What do we really know about the singer who thrilled us so much? His ' blocking with girls ', are ' trauma 'faced with fame, why he has' cut the cord ' with Celine Dion , are love story with a Swedish model, her break up with Lori , are salary in The Voice , sa fille, sa new life in a barn , in companion for 10 years... and other secrets of the charismatic singer.

Garou: his 'blocking with girls'

Pierre Garand, alias Garou,  was born in 1972 in Sherbrooke, Canada. The attractive artist makes his scales by singing at the bar Le Liquor Store in Magog. If today the singer hypnotizes the crowds with his ocean blue eyes and his crooner look, he has long struggled to seduce the fairer sex, especially in his adolescence.

' I was doing a blocking with girls (…) I had no self-confidence. Physically, first, because I did not attach importance to my body. And mentally, I felt silly going to see a girl when it was written on my forehead that I liked her. I've made quite a bit of progress over the years. Through music: music around a campfire, looks mysterious, it does “, he said in TV 7 Days .

Garou: his 'trauma'

In 1997, success knocked at the door when he was chosen to play the role of Quasimodo, in the now famous musical Notre Dame of Paris .

But the sudden fame is difficult to manage for this modest singer, who is then 26 years old. ' I still have a lot of trouble with the digestion of Notre-Dame de Paris. It happened so fast, I really didn't expect it. When I say yes to that thing, I thought it was great to get on a plane and cross the ocean. I thought I was going to do a play, but not that I was going to be famous “, he entrusted to the microphone of Europe 1 .

And to add: ' I thought to myself that, anyway, I was going to be made up . And that people were therefore not going to recognize me in the street (...) On many levels, there was trauma . There is still some left '.

Garou: why he 'cut ties' with Celine Dion

In 2000, however, Garou embarked on a solo career. His single Only was a hit and remained number 1 in France's top singles for 11 weeks. His first opuses were produced by the illustrious Mari de Céline Dion, René Angélil .

The following year, the artist sang a duet with her Quebec compatriot, Celine Dion . their tube, Downwind , is propelled to the top of the sales ranking. Their bond is irretrievably strong, but Garou, always in search of a more peaceful life, distances himself. ' We were very close with Celine , I think she didn't understand when I cut ties with them. She wanted to take me high and then, at one point, it was almost me who cut the cord to let myself get high. I wanted to go down more than go up. I didn't want to be all over the planet,' he recently confided in the show in aparté .

Despite this slump, the two Quebecers remain accomplices. ' When we meet again it's magic because there are a lot of things that happen in our eyes because there was all this complicity, a real connection “, he clarified.

Garou was close to death: his serious accident

Shortly after the success of Downwind , Garou is the victim of a terrible accident at the wheel of his Ferrari, when he hits the guardrail. Fortunately, he manages to get out of the vehicle before it catches fire . But the singer truly believed he was dying.

' I counted about six seconds, my life has passed , I thought about technical stuff, I tried to calculate mathematics. Of the six seconds, let's say that in two seconds, I lived hours of thinking and the other four seconds were only for my daughter, who was to be born not long after. I was like, 'what's going to happen in his life? '', he recalled on the show in aparté .

Garou: his daughter Emilie

At this time, Garou becomes father of a little Emélie , now 21 and born out of her former love with the Swedish model Ulrika . But for a long time the singer spent much of his time in France, while his daughter resided in Canada. ' We are unfortunately far away very often , but we talk about everything. We do not live in daily complicity, but rather in continual reunions. We find ourselves like friends who feel like they left each other the day before and who share everything they have experienced without each other. Our bond remains very strong “, he confided in 2017 to We both .

Garou: the reasons for his breakup with Lorie

In 2006, Cupid's arrow struck the hearts of Were and Lorie . ' We complemented each other well. With him, I learned to have fun, to go out, to let go “, had confided the singer to Gala in 2013.

But in 2010, the lovebirds put an end to this love . ' In the end I realized that he expected things that I couldn't give him . He wanted me more present, more at home. But I also had my career to manage. During this period, I put my professional life aside to devote myself solely to my private life. “, explained Lori.

Garou: his salary in The Voice

Garou officiates as coach for The Voice , in France, from 2011 to 2014. At the time, his salary for his participation in the show was estimated at around 450,000 euros per season , if we are to believe Public .

Garou and Stéphanie Fournier in 2016

Garou: who is his girlfriend?

For nearly ten years, Garou shares the life of a lovely brunette named Stéphanie Fournier , professional mannequin. ' She calms me down a lot. fortunately she is to be “, he conceded.

Garou makes maple syrup: his new life in the forest

From now on, if Garou continues to perform on stage, he resides mainly in Canada, has bought a forest where he makes Maple syrup and built a recording studio in a barn. ' I have a old wood salvage company, lots of things I touch that fascinate me “, he entrusted to the microphone of RTL Belgium .

And to clarify: It made me feel good (...) I have a very festive spirit, I always had the heart to celebrate. Now I party at home in my barn , where we take out the cards and play a game of poker or take out the guitars and play music '.