Ikebana: all about this ancestral Japanese floral art

Very delicate, ikebana is a type of flower arrangement elevated to the rank of art. Quite complicated to master, it consists of creating a composition like a miniature landscape, from plants and minerals. How to learn the codes? Where to buy ready-made? Answers and inspired creations.
Garden 2022-09-11 18:46:02 by Terry

Collecting rainwater: why and how?

Does using drinking water for watering your garden seem absurd to you? Do something for the environment - and your wallet - by installing a rainwater harvester in your home. Key tips.
Garden 2022-09-01 17:58:02 by Terry

Mandatory Composting: When and How Should You Do It?

This is provided for by the anti-waste law: composting will become compulsory for all citizens. How will this change happen? From when do we have to equip? Answers to all your questions about mandatory composting.
Garden 2022-09-01 17:58:02 by Terry

Drought 2022: map of water restrictions by department

The drought continues to affect France in this summer of 2022 and it should last until November! Almost the entire territory is subject to water restrictions according to the different alert levels. Here is the map of the departments affected by the drought as well as the water restrictions that apply there. Are you allowed to water your garden? Explanations.
Garden 2022-08-26 12:25:00 by Terry