Ideas for hanging geraniums (or other plants)

To flower your balcony, terrace or garden, it's not just railings and pots on the ground! Your plants, and especially geraniums, can also grow taller to reveal their full decorative potential. Here are some ideas!
Garden 2023-06-08 21:14:03 by Terry

How to store peonies longer?

The peony is the essential flower of spring! Have you received any or are you gifting some? Here's what you need to know to make the bouquet last as long as possible.
Garden 2023-06-03 18:05:03 by Terry

Gleaning: Am I allowed to pick up?

Gleaning, a right of use on agricultural production, has been regulated in France since the Middle Ages. Rather than leaving fruits and vegetables to rot in fields and orchards after harvest, it is possible to recover them. The practice has many followers.
Garden 2023-06-02 17:45:03 by Terry

Here are the most beautiful bouquets of flowers to offer for Mother's Day

For Mother's Day, nothing like a beautiful bouquet of flowers! Whether you plan to give it by hand to your mom or prefer to send it to her, here is our selection of the most beautiful creations.
Garden 2023-05-27 16:26:03 by Terry

These 10 edible flowers to plant are to die for!

The trend has probably not escaped your notice: in restaurants, flowers are devoured, in salads or desserts. Want to grow some for your own recipes? They have many advantages: in addition to bringing color to your plates, they will bloom your vegetable gardens. Fall for these ten chewable species.
Garden 2023-05-27 16:26:03 by Terry

Nature Festival 2023: ask for the program anywhere in France!

When the good weather returns, a certain need to reconnect with nature is felt. The 17th edition of the aptly named Fête de la Nature is therefore timely. Dates, participants, program... everything you need to know about this beautiful garden event.
Garden 2023-05-19 12:40:02 by Terry

Why you should photograph snails in your garden

Snails crawling through your garden as soon as there is a little rain? So get your cameras out to take part in Operation Snail (and we're not talking about slowing everyone down on the road)!
Garden 2023-05-18 11:56:03 by Terry

Electric ant alert: Is this dangerous species (especially for your pets) already in your garden?

Despite its very small size, the electric ant native to South America, which recently made its first appearance in France, constitutes a real threat to biodiversity... but also to your cats or dogs. Explanations.
Garden 2023-05-14 09:08:03 by Terry

This secret function of your iPhone to recognize any plant

As diverse as it is varied, the flora is not always easy to decipher and it is sometimes complicated to know which plant we are dealing with. Present on many iPhones, a free feature can however chew you the work. We explain to you.
Garden 2023-05-07 07:05:03 by Terry

Growing a coconut tree with a coconut is easy

Want to mentally escape to the tropics and sprout your own coconut tree? It is possible - and relatively simple. On the other hand, the coconut tree will not live long in our latitudes. But it's still a fun experiment for botany fans.
Garden 2023-04-29 16:08:02 by Terry