Ganni x Levi's: The Coolest Back-to-School Collab

Another collaboration for Ganni, the label of Ditte and Nicolaj Reffstrup. For the third time, the Danish label imagines a collection with Levi's. Spoiler: we want it all.

  Ganni x Levi's : la collaboration la plus cool de la rentrée

In just a few years, the Danish label Ganni has established itself on the fashion scene. History, collaborations, origins, stores... Here is everything you need to know about the coolest brand of the moment.

What are Ganni's iconic collaborations?

See me don't stop capsule collections! For the start of the 2022 school year, the Danish label is cooperating with Levi's . In fact, this collaboration is the third that links the two brands. The pieces, unveiled during Ganni's Spring/Summer 2023 show during Copenhagen Fashion Week on August 11, are made up of at least 55% organic cotton and are dyed with natural dyes .

' The GANNI and Levi's partnership is perfectly natural. We love the optimism, irreverence and simplicity that Ganni brings to his designs, as well as our shared commitment to sustainability, the alpha and omega of our latest feel good collaboration. This collection offers easy-to-wear pieces that are as cool as they are comfortable, which will immediately become classics. ', says Karyn Hillman, director of the product department at Levi's.

L'un des looks from the Ganni x Levi's collaboration

In all, eight models available from XS to 3XL to match the desire for inclusiveness which drives the two brands. Dresses, shirts, jeans, skirts and jackets in cheerful colors, perfect for the Indian summer. Already sold in a pop-up store in the Danish capital, the collection has been available worldwide since August 18, 2022. Wanted!

In May, it was Scholl, the American brand of orthopedic products sold in pharmacies, which let Ditte Reffstrup's label reinterpret its iconic model, the sandal fishing . With its wooden heel and its characteristic strap, this shoe, available at 175 euros, has established itself as one of the summer must-have . Ganni, a print specialist, has created five rather joyful patterns on organic cotton. Flowers, checks, a monogram, hearts or smileys as playful as they are stylish.

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A month earlier, the Danish brand had successfully attacked New Balance. For the occasion, the brand had reinvented the 2002R model with some eco-responsible materials . Available in green and ecru or gray and sky blue, these sneakers have been available since April 13 at the points of sale of the two labels. In terms of size, New Balance and Ganni are aiming wide with models up to 45 to suit everyone. ' The NB 2002R is really the way to dress in Copenhagen where we are always running or cycling somewhere ' , explains Ditte Reffstrup, artistic director of Ganni. Something tells us they're perfect for the French lifestyle, too!

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When was Ganni founded?

2000 . The Danish gallery owner Frans Truelsen decides to launch his cashmere brand Ganni. Nine years later, Yours and Nicolaj Reffstrup bought the label from its founder, a friend of theirs, and decided to make it a must-have label. However, they can be counted on the fingers of one hand, the Scandinavian claws known throughout the world. But Ganni is lucky (and flair): Instagram was launched in 2010, so in 2013, the label, which today has 1 million subscribers, created its account. Very quickly on the social network, the influencers of the moment are displayed all dressed in Ganni. T-shirt prints, flashy knit sweaters, wrap dresses… The codes of the label are beginning to emerge and seduce streetstyle stars, who from Pernille Teisbaek to Veronika Heilbrunner via Camille Charrière seize the creations signed Ganni. The brand takes off.

What is Ganni's DNA?

'When we took over the brand, Danish fashion was equated with Scandinavian, minimalist and sober design. My friends and I dressed very differently. We liked mix & match, wearing feminine dresses with a pair of boots, contrasts… This is what we wanted to develop with Ganni' , explains Ditte Reffstrup. What is also close to the heart of the designer, who has spent her entire career as a fashion buyer, is to offer women a wardrobe capable of making them happy. clothes that can comfort , just like lively music or a good cake. The initial idea was also to compose a locker room in which to feel good ; clothes that look like today's women with bold prints and cuts, easy to wear. ' We wanted our customers to wear the pieces and not the other way around. Because the most important thing is to be yourself at all times ', says Ditte Reffstrup. Without forgetting to borrow her fashion gimmicks from the Danish woman, the original #GanniGirl. ' The Dane is a real biker, she only gets around by bike. Perhaps that's why his style is simple, practical and empowering. She is an independent woman who exudes a very particular energy and dresses for herself, not for others. s', explains Nicolaj Reffstrup. The kind of muse we would very much like to resemble.

Where to buy Ganni clothing?

If for years the Ganni creations were only available on the Internet for French customers, the brand is now present in Paris. In corners set up in the capital's department stores since 2020, and in two brand new boutiques since March 2022. Located at 118, rue Vieille du Temple in the III th arrondissement, and at 1, rue du 29 Juillet in the I is district, these stores resemble the Danish brand. They are happy, colorful , mix pieces found in flea markets around the world and recycled furniture. Some works of art, too, decorate the walls, in particular the work of the talented painter Francis Essoua Kalu (aka Precocious Child). These two addresses are in addition to the few 32 Ganni stores in the world. Upcoming openings? They will take place in Austin, Toronto and China. Because against all odds, the premier marché of Ganni , this is North America, closely followed by the Scandinavian countries. Asia is rather a new development axis for the brand supported since 2017 by the fund L Catterton , co-founded by the French luxury group LVMH.

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' When we decided to open our capital, we were a little afraid that it would change a lot of things. But as soon as we met L Catterton, we understood that our relationship would be very simple. They are passionate about fashion, give us a lot of freedom and give us the right advice. At the beginning of a brand, we have little money and we ask friends to support us. Instead, L Catterton taught us to hire the right people, seniors who push us in the right direction. ', indicates Nicolaj Reffstrup. What is certain is that in addition to multiplying the stores, Ganni diversifies . And signs remarkable collaborations: with the young London designer Priya Ahluwalia, the American site specializing in large sizes 11 Honoré, the founder of the upcycling label Del Carmen, Pia Carolina. Because among Ganni's focuses in recent seasons there is, in addition to inclusivity, the respect the environment . ' As a fashion brand, our raison d'être poses a problem for the planet because we live in the new. Our goal today is therefore to offer collections that have no impact on nature. And it's an ambition that the whole industry must have: how to produce clothes without polluting the planet ', affirms Nicolaj Reffstrup. Amen.