Gad Elmaleh who became a Catholic: his family surprised by the announcement of his religious conversion

On the poster of 'Reste un peu', Gad Elmaleh plays the role of a Jew converted to Catholicism in the greatest of secrets. The comedian returned to 'C to You' this Wednesday, November 9, on the announcement to his family in real life.

  Gad Elmaleh who became a Catholic: his family surprised by the'annonce de sa conversion religieuse

Realizing Stay a bit , Gad Elmaleh breaks one of society's biggest taboos: religion. The comedian holds the main role of the new feature film which will be released on November 16 and tells his own story, namely his conversion from Judaism to Catholicism upon his return from the United States . His parents give him the replica and play their own role. News that is not easy to confess to David and Régine, fervent practitioners, so he will keep the secret - until he is unmasked. In real life, how was the official announcement about his change of faith, he who comes from a Berber Jewish family?

Gad Elmaleh changes religion

Guest with Judith Elmaleh on the set of C to you on France 5 Wednesday, November 9 to talk about the release of his film, Gad Elmaleh told how the news was received in his family, outside the film sets. His sister, who also appears onscreen, told Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine that the announcement of Noah and Raphael's dad took her aback. 'I would have preferred something where we have the codes, where I would have known how to react, says Judith. And there, as often with my brother, he feigns us. He goes where you least expect him . He made an overflow frame as we say in rugby. (…) It's when an opponent is waiting for you in a place and you fake it.'

This family member who did not participate in the project

Only one person was missing, however: Gad Elmaleh's brother. Indeed, Arié Elmaleh did not wish to join the family cast. ' I proposed to him but I don't think he took me seriously, explained the comedian on France 5. He thought I was doing some kind of documentary, He does not have measured the importance of the project … but he will regret it (laughs) .'

In a scene from the movie Stay a bit , Regine Elmaleh admits in the middle of a family meal that he found a virgin in his son's room. She feels that he 'denies its origins' : 'In changing God, you change family' . An improvised replica that left the 51-year-old star speechless. 'My mother plays well because she plays a line that she invents and improvises and which is really the continuity of her thought and her feeling about the diversion of Judaism' , details Gad Elmaleh , which specifies that it is in real life open to discussion.

But Judith, seated next to Gad, relativizes in C to you . ' The strength of our parents is that they stay in the dialogue and he used the movie to talk to our parents . In the family, we often use devious means to talk to each other' , she concludes.