Fuel energy check: €100 to €200 paid in a few days

The payment of the fuel oil energy check falls in November. Thousands of households will be able to receive up to 200 euros. What are the requirements to get it? When is the specific date the aid will be disbursed? We take stock.

  Fuel energy check: €100 to €200 paid in a few days

[Updated Nov 4, 2022 12:10 p.m.] The payment of fuel energy check fast approaching. Those eligible will receive the aid from November 8. This new check complements the others energy consumption aids from the government to help households warm up decently this winter. In the face of inflation and energy prices, 'Parliament voted this summer an envelope of 230 million euros to support the households concerned' , explained the Minister Delegate for Public Accounts Gabriel Attal to Ouest France. This new grant of 100 to 200 euros intended to contribute to the payment of energy bills including fuel oil , as its name suggests, but also electricity or gas. Be careful though: this fuel oil energy check is not to be cashed in your bank account, and is very different from the classic end-of-year energy check!

Who is entitled to the fuel oil energy check? Terms

As with the classic energy voucher, the fuel oil energy voucher is intended for the most modest households , which unlike fuel oil. In France, 3 million households use this mode of heating. The fuel oil bonus will concern nearly half of them, i.e. 1.6 million households .

How is the amount of assistance calculated?

Beneficiaries will receive a fuel energy check of 100 to 200 euros. The amount of aid is calculated on the basis of household income a you number of people in the household . For instance :

  • 'a single person receiving the minimum wage, with at least one child, will receive a check for €200';
  • 'a single person receiving the minimum wage, without children, will receive a check for €100';
  • 'a single woman with 2 children receiving a salary of around €3,000 net/month will receive a check for €100', indicate the site du Service Public.

What is the date for payment of the fuel premium?

The payment of the exceptional fuel oil check begins from November 8, 2022, on the same principle as the classic energy check. For beneficiaries who heat with domestic fuel oil and who have already used an energy check in the past, the fuel oil energy check will be automatically sent to them by the end of November. Other households that heat with fuel oil will have to apply online from 8 November on the checkenergie.gouv.fr , to obtain it the following month 'subject to eligibility', specifies the government. In both cases, the check will be sent by mail .

How do I get the Fuel Oil Energy Voucher?

The sending of the check will be automatic for all those who have already paid fuel bills with the classic energy check. Other eligible persons must open the online box office on November 8 to apply. 'You will only have to send a fuel bill and you will receive the aid the following month' , says the government. And as for those who have already filled their tank, don't panic, the use of these 100 or 200 euros will be possible to pay the bills of another energy resource (electricity, gas, wood pellets, etc.)

How to use the fuel check?

The fuel energy check is primarily used to pay a household's energy bills, whether for fuel oil, electricity or gas. The aid can be combined with other government subsidies, including the exceptional energy check of 100 to 200 euros and the usual energy check, which has been paid since 2018 each spring.

What subsidies are there for oil heating?

To encourage and help households to change their oil boilers , considered too polluting by the authorities, there are several financial aids, in particular the MaPrimeRénov'. Recently, when presenting its energy sobriety plan for the years to come, the government also mentioned the Boiler conversion bonus , also known as 'Heating boost'. With this device in particular, households benefit from an exceptional bonus 'subsidized for low incomes', for the replacement of an oil, coal or gas boiler with equipment that uses renewable energies.

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