'Frère Jacques, à la foufoune': (Very) naughty number in Incroyable Talent, an improbable sequence - VIDEO

The M6 ​​program receives many artists who come to present a talent in any field: singing, dancing, bodily prowess, illusion... Sometimes, spectators discover performances that are surprising to say the least. And it was again in the November 8 issue. Marianne James laughed a lot.

" Frère Jacques, à la foufoune " : Numéro (très) coquin dans Incroyable Talent, une séquence improbable - VIDEO

The presenter Karine Le Marchand had warned the public, on November 8 on M6 in Amazing talent : a contestant performs an adults-only tour . ' Persons under the age of 18 are now asked to leave this room, as the following number is not suitable for their chaste eyes. The number you are going to see now is an amazing number '. This hellish teaser logically arouses everyone's curiosity. And no one was disappointed so much the show shocked or amazed the public as well as the jury .

Incroyable Talent jury divided over contestant's daring performance

The candidate arrives on stage and removes her skirt. She sits between two chairs upside down and legs apart . His privacy was hidden by an emoticon. She introduces a recorder into her penis and before she even begins to play a few notes, Helene Segara - not at all but then not at all performance customer - presses the buzzer and gives a cross. Straight away, Marianne James jumps to the 40-year-old's defense by addressing the audience, laughing: ' Wait, you have to hold on like this. He's an incredible talent! It's excellent, it's excellent, Brother Jacques, to the cat! '

The spicy Canadian humorist, Sugar Sammy, also did not wait for the end of the instrumental performance to buzz so that it ends as soon as possible. Magician Eric Antoine, like opera singer and host Karine Le Marchand, was hilarious and amused by this incredible feat.

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The public outraged by the talent, divisive, of the candidate: taken or not for the future?

The former juror New star of 2004 then questions the candidate named Béatrice on this ' don 'unpublished. She replies that she practiced gymnastics a lot as a child and that on this occasion, she discovered that she did many ' pets de foune '.' Instead of being embarrassed by it, I thought I could use it and make something fun out of it. ' she replied. On social networks, Internet users were not of the same opinion. ' Why is there a girl who plays the flute with her pussy in incredible talent? ', ' Disgusted...shocked teens watching...that person didn't get to be on this set! ' or ' I rarely watch France has an incredible talent and there I see a girl who plays the flute with her zézette wtf it has changed '.

As the jury was divided, the public had to decide and they decided not to extend the gynecologist's television adventure . A choice not amazing, because during the whole song you could hear the giggles in the room and you could see the flabbergasted looks of people. In any case, this sequence will remain in the annals of the show.

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