Frédéric Lopez dad of Victor: details on this joint project with his son (who is no longer ashamed of him)

On October 23, Frédéric Lopez will be back on the small screen in a new show: 'A Sunday in the countryside'. And that's not all. In January, he will also be at the helm of a YouTube program with his son Victor.

  Frédéric Lopez dad of Victor: details on this project in common with his son (who n'a plus honte de lui)

Already four years since Frédéric Lopez had deserted film sets and television screens. In effect, since his withdrawal from Meeting in unknown land and his transition from relay to Raphaël de Casabianca in September 2018, he was discreet to say the least . But let French viewers be reassured, that era is over! And for good reason, the 55-year-old host will be back from October 23 on France 2. He will indeed be at the helm of a brand new show, Sunday in the countryside , every Sunday at 3 p.m.

Frédéric Lopez will soon team up with his son Victor

And Frédéric Lopez does not intend to stop there. As he explained to our colleagues from TV Major Channels in their issue of October 10, 2022, he is also preparing a program in pairs with his 25-year-old son, Victor . From next January, father and son should indeed present a YouTube show called you are going to adore . 'With a friend, my son Victor, 25, will introduce me to people of his generation that he adores - often Youtube stars - and I will do the same with people of my age' , explained the main interested party. A news for the less surprising since a few years ago, Frédéric Lopez had explained that his son was more likely to flee the celebrity of his father. ' He can't stand me talking about him. He is 20 years old and very independent. He does not want to be 'son of'. When he has friends coming over, he removes all the pictures where we are together ' , he even confided to Entertainment TV . Obviously, the young man is no longer ashamed and has matured.

Frédéric Lopez back in A Sunday in the countryside... With stage fright!

While waiting for the launch of this new project, Frédéric Lopez will therefore return to public service in a few days . And he has already unveiled the names of his first guests in Sunday in the countryside , a program freely inspired by the one he hosted between 2012 and 2014. 'We start with Bigflo and Oli, Charlotte de Turckheim and Barbara Schulz' , he said in an interview with TV Major Channels . 'The guests and I will go for a walk, try activities like tai chi, yoga or pottery. They will also show us their hobbies. There will be personalities of all ages' , he also said before confiding his stress. ' I was terrified and rusty . I had the impression of being a spectator of my own shooting. Yet the guests found me calm. But in reality, I was nervous! ' , he confessed.