Frédéric François dismisses fifteen people around him: a 'brutal rupture'...

The singer Frédéric François would have fired about fifteen members of his staff, according to the magazine 'France Dimanche'. As for his eldest son, he was knocked out by his ex-girlfriend…

  Frédéric François dismisses about fifteen people around him: a"rupture brutale"...

Frederic Francois turn the page. At 72, the singer dreams of renewal and does not hesitate to sacrifice certain parts of his life. The artist would have decided to to separate from about fifteen people who worked for him , according to the information shared by France Sunday . ' For the 72-year-old Sicilian artist, family has always been sacred. But today, alas, after years of cloudless happiness, his whole little universe is turned upside down “, we read in the new issue of the magazine.

Frédéric François would have fired 'fellow travelers'

Who are the people who have been fired by the heartthrob of these ladies? ' About fifteen of his relatives, musicians and other fellow travelers in his profession ', according France Sunday. The magazine states: A real break with his past. A rupture as brutal as it is sudden and, above all, without explanation '. Information which has not, however, been confirmed by the interpreter of the tubes I love you Italian and My heart tells you I love you .

The 72-year-old singer remains very active professionally. Recently, the performer released her album and duo , in which he sings in duet (as his name suggests) with many artists. He also continues its tour by skimming the stages of France and countries like Switzerland or Belgium.

Frédéric François: his son would have 'crossed the limits'

In terms of private life, Frédéric François is still as in love with his wife Monique , with whom he has been married since 1970 and with whom he had four children, Gloria, Vincent, Anthony and Victoria. But in recent years, their sons have been the talk of the town (though not in a good way). If, in 2018, Anthony, 45, was accused of domestic violence then finally out of the woods after having benefited from a dismissal, his big brother Vincent, he was more recently tackled by the one with whom he shared his life .

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And for good reason, the son of Frédéric François, aged 50, separated from his partner after... cheating on her, again according to France Sunday . Angela, who had been his wife for 20 years, told the magazine that their choice to reside in Thailand precipitated the end of their relationship: ' At first it was going well but things quickly degenerated. Phuket is truly the island of temptation. I had a real ordeal there. Vincent really crossed the line. Reading my testimony, I know that my father-in-law will not be happy. He doesn't like to see the image of his family limited ', she said. Obviously, the son is not as faithful as the father!