Françoise Hardy 'is not in good shape': Thomas Dutronc evokes his 'sadness'

Françoise Hardy's state of health has deteriorated sharply. Thomas and Jacques Dutronc, who have embarked on a father-son tour, give some (not very reassuring) news from the former singer and make tender confidences in Sept à Huit...

  Francoise Hardy 'n'est pas en forme" : Thomas Dutronc évoque sa "tristesse"

' Mom is not very well ', said Thomas Dutronc in seven to eight about his mother, Francoise Hardy , who has been battling cancer for years. ' To spend time with her, it's not very simple. You get there. But poor thing, it's not easy for her ', he added with emotion, in an interview broadcast on August 28 in which he appears with his father, Jacques Dutronc, with whom he scours the stages of France as part of their tour, Dutronc and Dutronc .

Jacques and Thomas Dutronc: their great regret

When the son of Jacques Dutronc and Françoise Hardy performs on stage with his father, he is invaded by joy, pride, but also pain. And for good reason, he regrets that his famous mother cannot admire him in concert, his state of health being too fragile. ' The sad thing is that she couldn't even come to see us. She will never be able, I think “, he lamented, still in seven to eight .

But Thomas Dutronc consoles himself as best he can: ' She watches a lot of little movies on Youtube that people make with their phones '. As for Jacques Dutronc, who is no longer in a relationship with Françoise Hardy but has remained married to her since 1981, he assures us that it is to the former singer that we owe this father-son reunion on stage: ' We did it for her. I do it with Thomas, but it's all that for her. I think it makes her happy '.

Thomas Dutronc swings on his 'not trivial' father

Thomas Dutronc, loving son, is in any case very proud of his parents' career : ' I have two parents who are wonderful , who are very beautiful, very talented, who have made great songs that everyone loves “The fame of Françoise Hardy and Jacques Dutronc has never been too heavy for this child of the ball to bear.” It didn't crush me too much in my childhood because I had a lot of love and admiration from everyone “, he assured.

If Jacques Dutronc regrets not having ' been there often 'Because of his busy career, his son doesn't hold it against him.' He is an extraordinary father, really not ordinary, intelligent, funny and sensitive (...) I'm proud of it ', he said. About his upbringing, the 49-year-old singer confides: ' It was Françoise Hardy who had the whip '.