François Rollin (Les Grosses Têtes) in a relationship with a woman 35 years younger: his daughter calls her a pu**!

Usually very discreet, not to say secret, about his private life, François Rollin agreed to play the game of Jordan de Luxe's ​​interview this Wednesday, October 19, 2022. And he ended up being much more talkative than usual !

  François Rollin (Les Grosses Têtes) in a relationship with a woman 35 years younger: his daughter calls her a pu**!

Invited this Wednesday, October 19, 2022 by Jordan de Luxe on his show At Jordan's broadcast on Tele-Leisure and C8, Very fit (and equally angry) Francois Rollin surprised everyone by opening up a bit about his private life . Indeed, as the interview progressed, the host managed to pull the worms out of his nose gently. Result: the man of theater, but also of radio for a few years, gave some details about his life as a couple . Whoever is part of the team Laurent Ruquier in the Big heads from RTL also revealed the age difference between his girlfriend and him .

The daughter of François Rollin summarizes the first name of his companion as 'a first name of whore'

While Jordan de Luxe was questioning him about his five children, whose names he finally whispered - Ulysse, Agathe, Églantine, Virgile and Nina - and their relationships in the middle of show business and particularly comedy, François Rollin indeed been brought to speak of the one who now shares his life, Tatiana. 'My youngest daughter's mom is in the business, I can see how she's rowing for an acting role!' , he first said. Neither one nor two, Jordan de Luxe took the opportunity to ask him a few questions about him. 'Her name is Tatiana!' , started the one that fans of Kaamelott know as King Lot. Then he continued, amused: 'That's what my daughter summed up when she said it was a sh*t name!' . Before we straighten out: 'Because my daughter likes to make jokes' . Amused by this revelation, Jordan de Luxe then immediately retorted: 'She's your daughter, you can be sure of that' .

The big age difference between François Rollin and his partner Tatiana

And to anyone who recently published a new book, Memoirs of a great mytho , to continue : 'With Tatiana, we weren't given much of a future because we have a big age difference! She's 35 years younger than me (…). I'm 70, she's 35' . A significant age difference which is becoming less and less rare in show business since several couples display several years of difference, such as Vincent Cassel and his wife Tina Kunakey, who are 30 years apart.

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'I've been with her for 12 years!' , he even specified. Asked by the host about his relationship with others, the actor made famous by his sketches in Palace immediately let it be known that he did not care. 'You just don't have to worry about it' , he then began. Before asserting: 'In any case, the gaze of others, you will encounter it even when you have nothing that sticks out, we will still find you something that is wrong' . That has the merit of being clear. We warned you, it was a very upset François Rollin that Jordan de Luxe received this Wednesday!