Francois Hollande, a wealthy retiree: he reveals how much he earns (and it's a lot more than all of us)

Now retired from political life, François Hollande enjoys a very (very) comfortable monthly income. The former head of state revealed the amount of his retirement to BFMTV...

  François Hollande, a rich retiree: he reveals the amount of what'il gagne (et c'est beaucoup plus que nous tous)

At age 68, Francois Hollande has a busy political career behind him. Member and former first secretary of the Socialist Party, he was a French deputy, European deputy and mayor of Tulle before reaching the 'supreme' function: President of the Republic. A full life that gives him today a very comfortable retirement.

François Hollande in retirement: how much does he earn?

Invited in the morning of BFM TV Monday, February 6, François Hollande revealed the amount he receives each month. 'I have 4000 euros as a former President of the Republic' , he began by detailing. Then, as a former referendum adviser to the Court of Auditors, François Hollande touches 'about 4,000 euros' additional, then finally, it benefits from a 'parliamentary retreat' To his position as an MP between 1997 and 2012.

If François Hollande receives 4,000 euros in retirement as a former head of state, since he 'does not sit on the Constitutional Council', he wishes to nuance the sum: 'For the former Presidents of the French Republic, it is much less than what is happening abroad' , he recalled. Balance sheet? Between 11,000 and 12,000 euros are paid to him every month. If he revealed the amount of his retirement without taboo, it was to play the card of 'transparency' . 'It makes people understand what is happening in our country' , he detailed to Apolline de Malherbe.

François Hollande, hand in hand with Julie Gayet: rare PHOTO of intimacy

On February 3, François Hollande posted a rare photo on Instagram in which he appears with Julie Pretty . The couple were in London, England, for a tandem ride. A snapshot taken on January 28 from behind, the former head of state and the actress walking hand in hand, united . Why did they go on a trip to the UK? François Hollande presented his new book Upheavals : To understand the new global situation , published by Stock editions. On this occasion, he signed copies in an English bookstore, the opportunity to meet the public and take some photos with them.

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With Julie Gayet, François Hollande went back to marriage. According to information from Paris Match , they were married on June 4 in his stronghold of Tulle, in Corrèze. A union celebrated in the presence of a dozen guests. One more happiness for François Hollande, who in September 2018 married his son Thomas Hollande with the journalist Emilie Broussouloux.