Francis Cabrel in Astaffort: his peaceful life 'in the heart of the vineyards'

Exit the rhinestones, the sequins and the tumult of the capital. Francis Cabrel's heart belongs to Astaffort, a small village in Lot-et-Garonne where he has lived for many years.

  Francis Cabrel in Astaffort: his peaceful life"au coeur des vignes"

He may be one of the favorite songwriters and performers of the French, Francis Cabrel stays away from the hustle and bustle of French show business . Far indeed! The French artist has indeed installed for several years already in a small village of Lot-et-Garonne answering to the sweet name of Astaffort . A little corner of paradise of around 2,000 year-round inhabitants which is no stranger to Francis Cabrel since, although born in Agen, it was here that he spent his childhood.

In this small town in the South West, everyone knows Francis Cabrel. But not as a singing star, more like a neighbour, a full-fledged villager.

The life of Francis Cabrel in his 'large white building surrounded by vines'

It is therefore in Astaffort that the interpreter of I love her to death and of the run put down his suitcases with his wife Mariette , the famous Little Marie , and one of his three daughters, Aurélie, also a singer and author. And, even after forty years of career on the clock, there is no question for him of sacrificing a 'normal life'.

Very invested in the life of his commune, he is above all very established there and has even spent all of his confinements there. In 2020, radio Darling FM had also devoted a report to this subject. ' From this modest childhood (in Astaffort, nldr), he retains the love of this town in which he still lives today, in a large white building surrounded by vines, which he has been running for many years with his brother Michel ' , reported the journalists then.

A family adventure that gave him the opportunity to cultivate vines with his brother. His daughter Aurélie also runs Le Square, a hotel-restaurant, home of the Cabrel family.

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Francis Cabrel and the Asttafort Meetings

It is also in Asttafort that Francis Cabrel recorded most of his last albums, since he set up his own studio there: the Studio Éphémère . The opportunity also for him to work with many other French artists with whom he writes and composes. But his musical and local investment does not stop there.

'He has thus created two cultural associations in the city, Music and Culture, which provides music, dance and theater lessons to young students in the region (…)' , explained in 2020 Honey F M. '(…) and Voix du Sud, a structure for internships and sponsorships of local artists which gives rise to an annual event, the Rencontres d'Astaffort' .

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Moments of exchange that French-speaking songwriters and musicians know very well, as they are renowned. Every year since 1994, the Voix du Sud association has therefore transformed itself into a 'Songwriting Training Center' as can be read on its Instagram account. From the art of transmitting one's art...