Food Waste: Solutions, Recipes, Anti-Waste Tips

October 16 is National Food Waste Awareness Day. One day a pretext to raise public awareness of this cause and above all to discuss solutions, ideas, tips and recipes to reduce food waste.

 Food Waste: Solutions, Recipes, Anti-Waste Tips

When shopping is getting more and more expensive, the fight against food waste is a subject to which it is important to raise awareness (each at their own level and without any guilt of course). Waste less in the kitchen rhymes for many with 'finishing your plate', we will show you here all the little things you can do to reduce your waste, waste less and treat you along the way . On the occasion of the National Day Against Food Waste , on October 16, 2022, we bring you our best solutions to fight against food waste.

What is food waste?

By definition, it is the fact of losing or throwing away food usually intended for human consumption . On a large scale, it starts from agricultural production to final consumption. The causes of this food waste? Quantity problems: too large stocks in stores or too large reserves in consumer cupboards.

What are the solutions to combat food waste?

In the kitchen, there are many recipes to reduce waste as much as possible. For example, for chef Anthony Denon, who officiates in the Baudelaire kitchens at Burgundy Paris, nothing is thrown away, everything is cooked . Hummus the day after couscous, sweet praline from the bottom of a can of corn flakes, onion soup at the end of its life: the cook does not lack ideas and shares them in his book 'There are left!' published by Solar editions.

Our anti-food waste recipes

Some sites like the culinary blog Anti-waste kitchen! have made it their specialty so you never throw food in the trash again! '. Find on the Journal des Femmes Cuisine also suggestions for use your products 100% such as peelings, old fruits and vegetables or other end-of-life products.

Our top tips and tricks to avoid food waste

From solutions developed by companies to tips to implement in your kitchens, here we give you our most valuable tips and tricks to test.

Fighting against food waste is also the best way to save money, so what could be better as an eco-responsible gesture? If you have tested recipes or created an original tip, do not hesitate to share them with us. Everything is good to take when it comes to cooking and no longer wasting.