Flu and Covid vaccines: no delay in between?

For fear of a serious flu epidemic this winter, the Minister of Health calls on the most vulnerable to be vaccinated twice against flu and Covid. Reminder of terms.

  Flu and Covid vaccines: no delay in between?

[Updated October 3, 2022 at 12:43 p.m.] The 2022-2023 vaccination campaign against flu seasonal will start on October 18 for those at risk. ' Co-vaccination against Covid-19 and against influenza should be encouraged' recalled the General Directorate of Health September 28 following the advice of the High Authority of Health . Health Minister Francois Braun also calls on fragile people to carry out a vaccination 'simultaneously against the flu and the Covid' in an interview given to West France October 2. 'We know that our health system is under pressure and we don't need another pandemic' he warned. Reminder of the procedures for people who need to be vaccinated.

Can we get vaccinated against Covid and the flu at the same time?

For the High Authority of Health , there is nothing to worry about: 'Co-administration of flu and Covid-19 vaccines is safe.' The realization of these two vaccines can thus be 'concomitant' in order to avoid any additional delay in the administration of one or the other of these injections. ' Both injections can be performed the same day, but at two separate vaccination sites – a vaccine in each arm ' specifies the authority.

What is the interval between the two vaccines?

For people who could not receive the dose of abseiling against Covid-19 (or a first or second dose of this vaccine) and the flu shot simultaneously, there is no there is no time limit between the two vaccinations. This rule also applies to any combination between Covid-19 vaccines and other vaccines vaccination schedule . For people over the age of 60 and those under 60 at risk of developing a severe form of the disease who have not received their second dose of abseiling ( 4th dose ) recommended within the recommended timeframe (3 or 6 months depending on age and date of last injection or infection), HAS recommends do not delay their vaccination .

Where to do both vaccines at the same time?

According to Directorate General of Health , co-administration of influenza and Covid-19 vaccines is possible in a Covid vaccination center yes the person comes in with their flu shot. In this case, only professionals authorized to perform flu vaccination (doctor, midwife, pharmacist, private nurse) can perform this injection in a vaccination centre. Simultaneous vaccination is also possible in pharmacies for people targeted by the recommendations.

Are the two vaccines still as effective?

According to the data of the English test ComFluCOV , relayed by the HAS, the co-administration of vaccines against influenza and COVID-19 is generally well tolerated without diminishing vaccine-induced immune responses to either vaccine.

Can it be dangerous?

The Directorate General of Health reassures by recalling that 'long-standing experience in vaccination shows that the co-administration of several vaccines is not not dangerous for the immune system ' .

Source :  Booster vaccine strategy against Covid-19. HAS. September 20, 2022 / Launch of the autumn vaccination campaign against Covid, DGS, September 28, 2022.

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