Florent Pagny is 'better and better'? He gives news of his cancer in Taratata

Florent Pagny made a surprise appearance on the show 'Taratata' on October 29. The 60-year-old singer gave an update on his health...

  Florent Pagny goes"de mieux en mieux" ? Il donne des nouvelles de son cancer dans Taratata

Florent Pagny continues to battle lung cancer. But how is the 60-year-old singer doing? The artist gave his news in a video message broadcast on the set, in the program Taratata, broadcast on October 29 and devoted to the fight against cancer. The singer had to be physically present on set, but ultimately preferred to rest. ' We asked Florent if he wanted to come with us, to help us fight this crap that is cancer and to sing. Florent prefers to rest, take care of himself and we totally understand him. And we obviously love it ', has explained Nagui , before playing the video message.

Florent Pagny: 'the programs are working better and better'

'I would have liked to be with you for an evening like this to support and mobilize against cancer. Especially since I am greatly concerned now. Precisely, I am so concerned that I'm in a fitness phase “, he said in the video message A moment since shared on Youtube.

The singer, who prefers to stay positive, also added: ' But hey, if all goes well, next year we'll finally get together to sing and get individual donations that allow the development of research. And it's starting to bear fruit since, as you can see, I feel better and better. It's that the programs work better and better ! So we must continue the research, we must continue to fight against this disease '.

Florent Pagny has regained the hair of the beast

Florent Pagny, who had appeared beardless and shaved a few months earlier in The Voice, because of the treatment against his cancer, was much hairier as noticed by his comrades Zazie , Marc Lavoine, Pascal Obispo and Patrick Bruel, who were present on set. ' He is handsome ' , even declared her friend Zazie. ' I saw him by WhatsApp a week ago, it's growing, he has his hair ', clarified Pascal Bishop . Good news, then!

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The father of Inca, 26, and Aël, 23, born of his union with Azucena, had already given reassuring news about his state of health, near Gala , last May: From a tumor the size of a good kiwi, I went to a hazelnut after two chemos . Now I'm coming out of the tunnel. I have some answers that allow me to better assess the situation and it revives in me certain things that I lost a little, arrived at my age (...) This cancer woke me up in a way, and it redefined the meaning of my priorities '

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