Florent Pagny in shape (and hairy!): new reassuring PHOTO with a star of France 2

Florent Pagny made an unexpected appearance alongside the buyer of Affaire Conclue, Djamel Bentenah. The singer, suffering from lung cancer, appeared in good shape, with a full beard... Take a look.

 Florent Pagny in shape (and hairy!): new reassuring PHOTO with'une star de France 2

Florent Pagny still battling his lung cancer, but looks rather fit , to the delight of his fans! The 60-year-old singer has posed, all smiles, hair and full beard, beside Djamel Bentenah , the illustrious antique dealer from the show Deal Concluded (France 2) . In the caption of the photo, posted on the buyer's Instagram account, he wrote: ' Always a great pleasure to see you, Florent Pagny '. And Internet users did not fail to express their joy at this unexpected meeting. ' Oh Djamel you are with my favorite artist and it's nice to see he's looking good ', ' Thank you Djamel for the fans of Florent, it's so nice to see him in good shape “, reads among the comments of the fans.

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Florent Pagny 'continues to look good'

Florent Pagny, who announced that he had lung cancer in January 2022, recently gave his news , at the microphone of the podcast of Nagui , The Original Band . ' Everything is fine! I'm just in control exams and I keep looking good “, he assured on August 31.

The singer has also recently crossed Patrick Bruel , with whom he recorded the title Terra Corsa, for Patrick Fiori's album Middle Middle Course 2 . At the end of August, the interpreter of break the voice had therefore expressed himself on the state of health of his friend, at the microphone of RTL : ' It had been great to find him and last I heard, I think it's much better '.

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