Florence Pernel is 60 years old: Roommate of 9 people, Weight, Husband, Children, Gilbert Bécaud...

Florence Pernel turns 60 on June 30. But what do you know about the actress from the series 'The Judge Is A Woman'? Her life as a flea market, her apartment with nine roommates, her husband, her children, her ideal man, her weight ratio... and other crisp info.

  Florence Pernel is 60: Roommate' de 9 personnes, Poids, Mari, Enfants, Gilbert Bécaud...

Florence Pernel celebrates her 60th birthday June 30. Since 2014, you can regularly find the actress in the series Crimes in the region , on France 3, in which she plays the deputy prosecutor Elisabeth Richard. But the actress also has a prolific career spanning more than twenty years. Yet she has lived a thousand lives. From junior model to flea market to roommate in an apartment for nine people... Discover the crazy life of the radiant actress!

Florence Pernel : son enfance de mannequin

Florence Pernel was born on June 30, 1962 in Paris. As a child, she becomes mannequin junior and pose for the 3 Suisses or even for Danone yoghurts. ' My fat cheeks and my two dimples have caused a misfortune , and I found myself in a lot of commercials “, she confided to SHE . At 10, the little girl breaks down in tears on her birthday. The reason? She dreams of being 30 years old!

Florence Pernel, discovered by chance

The same year, she accompanied her mother, an extra, in the film full sun , by Jean Archimbaud. On the set, the writer Marie Suzini, whose novel is adapted into a film, is captivated by the aura of the little girl... and hires her to play the small role of Vanina. The (unexpected) start of an acting career.

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Florence Pernel: why she missed school (a lot)

But after this short adventure on the film sets, Florence Pernel returns to a more normal life as a schoolgirl. For seven years, she remains anonymous, but continues to miss school sometimes to pursue her occupation as a junior model...until she decides to send his photo to an artistic agency . Bingo! The director Louis Grospierre notices her and offers her to play in his tv movie Tarendol , in 1979.

In Terminale class, her job as a young actress does not allow her to attend classes diligently. Good that she only spends two months on the benches of high school , she obtained her baccalaureate hands down... and with honors please!

Florence Pernel was a flea market!

After playing in a few films, Florence Pernel leaves the spotlight again to become a flea market . The actress remembered this period with tenderness, in the show Temporary madness : ' I liked the energy, getting up at 4 a.m., I liked selling, discovering objects... Each time, it was Christmas '.

Florence Pernel: life at 9 in an apartment

Florence Pernel, who has definitely lived a thousand lives, also knows a period during which she lives with... 8 other roommates! ' We had rented a large apartment (...) It was a bit like a Spanish inn “, she confided in Temporary madness.

Florence Pernel: Dominique Besnehard, her mentor

Then it's Dominique Besnehard who meets her by chance in the street, recognizes her, and offers her to continue the short career she had started on the film sets. Fate sometimes has funny ways of getting us on the right track...

At the beginning of the 90s, she therefore played in the cinema in There are days... and moons of Claude Lelouch and, in 1992, obtains the role which completes to make it known near the general public, that of Florence Larrieu, magistrate, in the series The Judge Is A Woman . A character she played until 2002.

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Florence Pernel: husband and children

In 2005, Florence Pernell marries documentary filmmaker Patrick Rotman . Together, they become parents of Paul and Tina.

Florence Pernel: Gilbert Bécaud, her ideal man

Did you know that Florence Pernel was an absolute fan of Gilbert Becaud ? The actress has always found it ' extremely sexy '.' I believe that he is a man who suited me “, she joked (or not) at the microphone of Europe 1.

Florence Pernel weighs herself every day

Always in shape, Florence Pernel has a little trick to keep the line: do not consume sugar in the evening! At breakfast, the actress still enjoys a delicious slice of bread with butter and honey.... but has the dirty habit of weighing oneself every day , we learn about Europe 1 .

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