Financial aid: what benefits for families?

 Financial aid: what benefits for families? In France, the State grants many aids to families, from the first child. And if the standard of living is modest, other benefits are also granted to ensure a minimum of comfort and security for households. Here is the inventory of these allowances and how they are allocated.

All young parent or at the head of a large family, divorced or with low income: you may not know it, but there are many aids for families . These allocations , called family, cover a whole range of situations that help households, especially the most modest ones, to support the education of children. From very young infants to students still living with their parents, they are effectively the subject of numerous facilities and subsidies. As such, are you familiar with the Pass' Culture for teenagers, or the Daily parental attendance allowance ? Or even Family Vacation Assistance? Also, to support daily life, there are many social benefits devoted to household expenses. . Some have existed for many years, and others are new, or even exceptional, depending on the economic context. Regularly upgraded, like the energy check, or revisited, like the paternity leave , here is list of all the benefits, allowances and other aids families are entitled to . Aid that is not necessarily automatic, and some of it is even little known to potential beneficiaries. And if they are almost all subject to allocation ceilings, others can benefit from retroactivity. You or your children may be entitled to it... now is the time to take an interest in it!