Fight against waste to face inflation

How to save on shopping budget? Throw away less food. With inflation, the fight against food waste presents itself as the solution to the prices which continue to rise.

 Fight against waste to face the'inflation

The pasta , oil, butter... Shopping is becoming more and more expensive. With inflation, prices keep rising and in August it has already reached 6.6% compared to last year for consumer products according to the Nielsen IQ Institute. Thereby ' reducing food waste turns out to be effective solution to counter the impact on our wallet '. For the director of the Too Good To Go Switzerland application, Alina Swirski, it is ' the opportunity to become more aware of our purchases and consumption “, she confides to our colleagues from 20 Minutes in Switzerland .

Faced with inflation, what are the anti-waste solutions?

The anti-waste apps represent one of the best ways to save money, they ' are becoming a drinking routine ' in response ' to the issue of purchasing power ' says Jean Moreau, the co-founder of Phenix at the 'AFP . ' We have on average 12% more registrations ' he adds. The success is the same at Too Good To Go, Sarah Chouraqui, the director France explains: ' In June alone, downloads jumped 42% compared to June 2021 '. Several types of applications exist:

  • Those who offer unsold products from bakeries, restaurants and even supermarkets in discounted baskets, such as Too Good To Go, Phenix, Karma. Or Zéro Gâchis that help you find the big box stores to buy soon to expire products cheaper.
  • And those that help you better manage the products in your cupboards so you no longer waste them, like Save Eat or Frigo Magic.

Savings are also made directly in store, some brands sell their so-called 'ugly' products cheaper : vegetables with an odd shape, too small, with stains or even cheese that is too light, for example. The Carrefour de Montesson in the Yvelines states that these defective products are sold between ' 20 and 25% cheaper “, as reported by AFP.

In addition, simple everyday tips can reduce food waste at home: use vegetable peelings in recipes , prepare French toast with stale bread or make jars with seasonal fruits and vegetables, for example.