Fauve Hautot, favored by the production in DALS? She responds to rumours!

In Dancing with the Stars, Fauve Hautot is one of viewers' favorite dancers and yet she faces rumors that accuse her of being favored and of having been able to choose her partner for the competition.

  Fauve Hautot, favored by the production in DALS? She responds to rumours!

The flagship show Dance with the stars is back for a twelfth season on TF1 since September 9 last. Already three couples have been eliminated, David Douillet and his partner Katrina Patchet were the first to be ousted from the competition, followed by Théo Fernandez and Alizée Bois and during the September 23 episode, Clémence Castel and Candice Pascal were excluded of the show. Since the start of the competition, rumors are swirling about dancer Fauve Hautot and she's had enough .

Was Fauve Hautot able to choose her partner in DALS?

Rumors have been circulating on social networks about Fauve Hautot since the return of Dancing with the stars on TF1. Internet users wonder if the dancer would not be favored by the production of the show . After winning the last two seasons with Sami El Gueddani and Tayc, she finds herself once again with one of the best candidates and it raises the suspicions of viewers . According to rumors, she should have participated in the competition with Stéphane Legar but this one not being known enough, she would have refused and asked to compete with Billy Crawford.

How does Fauve Hautot respond to rumours?

The 36-year-old professional dancer is tired of the accusations Internet users on social networks. So she took matters into her own hands. On her Twitter account, Fauve Hautot refutes all the rumors saying that she had the privilege of choosing her partner in the show, she explains ' no dancer chooses the artist with whom he will perform. This since the launch of this program '. She ends her message with ' Have a nice week end! Thanks '. She still wants to thank the viewers who support her ' thank you for your kind feedback, passionate heart trying to create lovely things “ she announces at the beginning of her tweet.

What does his partner, Billy Crawford, think?

Her dance partner, Billy Crawford, was asked by our colleagues at PurePeople regarding the rumours: ' I don't really know what to think about it... I haven't watched all the seasons of Dance with the stars . I heard about these rumors that Fauve Hautot would dance with the best candidates'. The 2000s star finds it hard to believe these stories, he explains: ' That's not true! Because this year, there are Carla, Stéphane and many others who are very strong. Besides they say I'm strong but not really: yes I danced for thirty years, but I never did ballroom dancing like on the show '.

The American singer has no regrets about his partner, he adds ' It's a great pleasure for me to dance with someone like that. She's a perfectionist, so strong, right in her mind... She's a winner, a champion. For me, it's the top of the top. I have already learned a lot with her '.

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