Faustine Bollaert, obsessive: 6 years of eating 'the same thing'!

Faustine Bollaert has been totally transformed by television. But there's one thing the host didn't touch: her diet!

It has been several years since Faustine Bollaert is in charge of the show It starts today , in which its guests confide in the significant events of their lives. A program that has allowed him to become one of the favorite personalities of the French. Sweet, caring and sincere, the 44-year-old host seems to be unanimous in the PAF. But has the star changed since her television debut?

Faustine Bollaert, 'more worried': how TV has 'changed' her

Faustine Bollaert admits it candidly: TV has it' changed '. In the magazine TV 7 Days , she explains: The success of the show reassured me, made me deeply good. I gained a form of confidence, serenity , because I really feel in my place '. But the host qualified her remarks: ' And paradoxically, that also weakened me. I can't hear all these testimonies without it having an impact on me at some point. I feel more worried about life, in general '.

The world of television has transformed Faustine Bollaert in many ways! ' Physically, I have changed. At 18, 19, I was more incisive, provocative. With the show, I changed my haircut, clothes, look... I became more welcoming, I found my bubble of comfort “, also confided the wife of the writer Maxime Chattam.

Faustine Bollaert 'has been eating the same thing for six years'

Faustine Bollaert found the recipe that works, so out of the question to deviate from good habits! The host of France 2 hosts the show daily It starts today . Interviewed by the magazine TV 7 Days on her daily life as a TV host, Faustine Bollaert explained that she followed a very specific ritual. With her, everything is meticulously planned so as not to leave room for the unexpected.

To the weekly, the 44-year-old star said: 'The days of filming, I have a very tight schedule. Everything is framed. I put myself in 'machine' mode. It channels me. I've been eating practically the same thing for six years, they give me the earbud in the same place every time... '

And so as not to lose ground, Faustine Bollaert has been working with the same people for more than a decade. 'I find my team that I have known for 15 years. It does not change. We mess around, we laugh, we chat.' And when she's down, she relates to the simple things in life. 'My thing is to anchor myself deeply in everyday life. If I've done a complicated show, when I go out, I'll immediately look at the recipe for a dish that I'm going to cook for my friends. I land like that, immediately.'

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Faustine Bollaert: how she finds balance with her family

The host controls her image. The France 2 star posts regularly on her Instagram account, which she prefers to Twitter. 'I watch a lot because I'm addicted to news, but I don't tweet much' , she explains. 'Or Tik Tok, where you need a permanent presence which doesn't suit me.' On her Instagram account, she describes herself as ' Mom, free woman, wife, animator ' . Because when she is not on the film sets, Faustine Bollaert coos with her husband Maxime Chattam.

With the novelist, she had two children: Abbie, 9, and Peter, 7. And to enjoy her family, she has found a balance. ' I try as much as possible to spend Wednesdays with my children and to work from home on Mondays to do the housework and the shopping, like everyone else, she told in the columns of We both last July. They know that I love what I do and that I'm happy. Every time I leave, I tell them, 'It's great, we're going to have a lot to talk about!' Something to make him happy.

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