Family support allowance: 60 euros more per child

The ASF is paid to anyone raising a child alone. Amount, procedures and conditions: find all the information on the family support allowance. From November, it will be subject to a strong revaluation.

  Family support allowance: 60 euros more per child

In view of the strong inflationary context, the family support allowance will benefit from a significant revaluation of 50% from November. Concretely, the beneficiary parents will receive nearly 60 additional euros per month and per child. otherwise called ' alimony minimal', this aid is intended for mothers/fathers who are raising their child(ren) alone, and whose other parent refuses to pay maintenance, or whose maintenance is in the process of being determined.

What is the family support allowance?

The family support allowance (ASF) aims to support the parent who raises his child alone, in the event of separation for example, when the other parent no longer pays alimony for at least one month, or when the child support amount is too weak and whose amount is less than 118.20 euros per month. To benefit from it, you must live alone in France, with at least one dependent child. Unlike other aids and Family allowances , the ASF does not depend on the resources of the remaining parent or the person who took in the child.

Note that the ASF is also paid when a child is orphan of father or mother, or when it has not been recognized, but it is removed when you live as a couple.

How do I apply for the family support allowance?

For benefit from the family support allowance, you will have to send to the Caf the ASF application form ( Cerfa No. 12038*03 ) with your declaration of situation as well as the requested documents (copy of the judgment, family record book, etc.)

What is going to be the increased amount of Family Support Allowance?

From November 2022, the amount of the family support allowance will amount to 184 euros per month and per child, instead of the current 123.20 euros. Also, if the alimony received is less than 122.93 euros per month, the Caf may pay an additional Asf to reach this amount. For example, if you only receive 50 euros from your ex-spouse, the Caf will then pay you 72.93 euros. However, if the difference is less than 15 euros, the differential ASF is not paid. Finally, this social benefit is paid the month following the separation of the parents. Note that the amount of the ASF is 163.87 euros if you have taken in a child deprived of help from both parents.

What is the duration of the family support allowance?

  • If no alimony has been set and you are not in possession of any court order, the ASF may be paid for 4 months. To extend it, it is nevertheless necessary to bring an action before the family court judge of the high court of your domicile, so that a maintenance payment is fixed. The latter being fixed, the family support allowance will be maintained until its characterization. For parents who have not fixed child support , it will then be necessary to bring an action for review of the court decision before the same judge, or a family mediation addressing in particular the question of the maintenance obligation.
  • If alimony has been fixed , the ASF is paid as an advance. Your Caf or your MSA then acts in your place to recover this support if the other parent does not pay the fixed support in full. It can also set up recovery proceedings against the other parent to recover up to two years of unpaid child support.
  • If the other parent is unable to meet their maintenance obligation (insolvency, unemployment, RSA, etc.), the CAF will check his situation and, depending on the information collected, and will tell you if you need to take steps to fix alimony.

ASF Café: until what age?

In case of divorce or death of one of the spouses, BSO may be paid to the other parent who is responsible for the child. This must then be under 20 years old.

What is the Differential Family Support Allowance?

If the amount of alimony paid by the ex-spouse is less than the amount of the ASF, you collect in this case differential family support allowance : the Family allowance fund (Caf) or the Mutualité sociale agricole (MSA) pays you a supplement allowing you to reach 122.93 euros, and from November 2022, 184 euros. Note that the differential ASF, due monthly, is paid quarterly.

Can ASF be paid retroactively?

Some CAF benefits can be paid for a period of two years from the day you are entitled to it. This is particularly the case for the family support allowance, as well as family allowances. Thus, if you have not taken the steps in time, do not panic, you will still receive the payment of the allowance.