Fabrice Luchini is 70 years old: Real name, 'Libido', 'Perineum', Women, Child...

Fabrice Luchini turns 70 this November 1st! His beginnings as a hairdresser, his role as a father, his obsession with women's bodies, his homosexual experience... Secrets and crazy anecdotes of the brilliant actor.

  Fabrice Luchini is 70 years old: Real name,"Libido", "Périnée", Femmes, Enfant...

Fabrice Luchini turns 70 on November 1, 2021! The actor, renowned for his undeniable talent and his extraordinary ability to handle words, has long sought his way before finding his lifeline... on the boards. Did you know that the actor was far from being a good student at school, had shaved Marlene Jobert , was a ' troubled perineum ', got spotted at a nightclub, and had a homosexual experience ? Secrets of life as incredible as the character of Fabrice Luchini...

Fabrice Luchini: his real name

Robert Luchini (his real name) was born in the 9th arrondissement of Paris in 1951. His father, of Italian origin, is greengrocer , but went bankrupt and then became a truck driver. As for his mother, she is housemaid in the offices of large newsrooms such as the Figaro or French days . ' I received an education full of love even if I didn't see my parents during the week as they were busy (...) parents month dreamed of me studying but i was incompetent . I didn't understand anything they said to me, I couldn't concentrate, I preferred to imitate the pope. I was fired . They put me in accounting school, but I couldn't do it either. ', he told the World .

Fabrice Luchini was a hairdresser

So growing up in the 18th arrondissement of the capital, the young boy was taken by his mother to a ' hair salon for wealthy bourgeois Avenue Matignon “, he told the World. 'I was 14 years old and it was not going at all at school. My mother found an ad in France Soir and said to me: ' We found you a job '' , he added. It was there that he called himself Fabrice. In this place he epilates Marlene Jobert , he combs Joe Dassin , and even sees Sylvie Vartan and Johnny .

He got spotted in a disco

Crazy about music and dancing, he scours nightclubs and others discos plugged in. Paul Bensimon, a man of the night, noticed him and offered to open a nightclub in Angoulême. ' Join us at Drugstore d'Angoulême in the whiskey galore nightclub, Fabrice Luchini will teach you Parisian dances ', is it written on the flyers distributed to the quidams. Tremendous stroke of fate: it is on the dance floor that he gets noticed by Philippe Labro , who offered him a role in his film Everything can happen, in 1969. The beginning of a long career...

Fabrice Luchini: the man who (almost) discouraged him

Still, his first decade as an actor was far from easy. The proposals do not flow freely, and Fabrice Luchini has to resume hairdressing for a while, despite his ardent desire to make films. He is even severely discouraged by a man from job. ' Serge Rousseau, a great agent of Artmedia, summons me to tell me that in his opinion we should not harbor hope given my physique almost effeminate . And above all, he tells me: ' Your career, it will never work, you are not sexual '' , if remembered in Telerama.
It was in 1984 that his talent was finally recognized in Full Moon Nights , by Eric Rohmer, which allows him to be nominated for the César for best actor in a supporting role.

Fabrice Luchini is a 'huge redneck'

Fabrice Luchini may be keen on literature and endowed with an extraordinary culture, but he also corresponds to the archetype of the average Frenchman... who likes to watch television! ' Is am a huge beau , a normal guy. I watch the One. I like Gilles Bouleau, I can go as far as Morandini... I master Crimes, Bring in the accused, this is my passion “, he confided to Léa Salamé in the program amazing .

Fabrice Luchini, 'troubled by the perineum'

Fabrice Luchini spent a large part of his youth in admire women's bodies , to the point of developing a relative obsession. ' I have always been afraid of the libido . It always freaked me out. I was a very major bothered perineum . For me the eternal feminine has been a source of obsession. I practiced prostitution a lot. For me, the female sex was infinite in perspective. I found underwear fascinating, women's hair, women's bodies “, he confided on the Divan of Marc-Olivier Fogiel.

Fabrice Luchini: his daughter, his 'miracle'

In 1979, Fabrice Luchini became the father of a daughter named Emma , born of his love with journalist Cathy Debeauvais, and who is now an actress and director. It is in reference to Emma Bovary that it is so named. ' What I hold dearest , this is my daughter, Emma. It's a miracle a girl . What is she is cute (...) It is not so happy to have a father like me but she seems to take me as I am. I haven't been a good father. When one has been a very good son, it is hard to be a good dad . I haven't been good, that's indisputable “, he said on The sofa , tears in his eyes.

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He had a homosexual experience

If Fabrice Luchini is in a relationship with Emmanuelle Garassino since 2018, the actor has already had a past homosexual experience . ' At one time, I was in bad shape and I thought to myself that maybe I was a repressed homo . I tried once with a guy, but that wasn't it. It made me... trouble “, he delivered in Stubborn .

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