Fabrice Luchini and his house in Loir-et-Cher: his haven of peace...

Fabrice Luchini has a second home in Loir-et-Cher. Between distinguished guests, small local addresses and his work in Paris, here is all there is to know about his haven of peace.

  Fabrice Luchini and his house in Loir-et-Cher: his haven of peace...

Fabrice Luchini returns to your screens with the film (in replay) Jean Philippe , this Sunday, October 16 at 9:05 p.m. on W9 . In this fiction, the actor plays Fabrice, an absolute fan of Johnny Hallyday who wakes up one day in a parallel world where the idol of young people does not exist. So he sets out to find Jean-Philippe Smet and turn him into the rock star he loves so much. The opportunity to reflect on the life of the actor. In addition to living in Paris, he has a second home in the Loir-et-Cher, in the Cisse valley.

Fabrice Luchini, a big fan of the surrounding restaurants

On his Instagram account, the actor shares his favorite places in Loir-et-Cher from time to time. In July 2020, he praises a restaurant in Blois, called Arras , which is one of his favorites. Captioning a photo, he sings the establishment's praises: ' Amazed, I weigh my words, this couple of restaurateurs and their team, Assa in Blois, are geniuses. My habit is not to be dithyrambic on gastronomy, but this is a truly sumptuous experience '. A year later, he is still as much under the spell and in the video with the caption, he says ' In this somewhat depressing week, a dessert at Assa, it looks crazy because it's good . We come out of it completely not heavy '.

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He invites celebrities to his second home

The 70-year-old actor is used to entertaining stars at his second home, which he lives in for much of the year and, in 2016, he even received a President of the Republic at his home. During one of his shows in Tours that same year, he explained that Francois Hollande visited him returning from the Tours firefighters congress. Fabrice Luchini specified: ' There were cops and sentries everywhere around my house. Holland said to me: You would tell the village that it was for traffic control! '. He even adds in a joking tone: ' Hollande said to me, 'I would like to take lessons with you. I told him, it's going to be long “. A small spade since the latter does not hide that he is not really on the left …

Fabrice Luchini also lives and works in Paris

Fabrice Luchini does not only live in Loir-et-Cher, he works and lives in the capital. In September 2020, he even appeared on the show The Agency broadcast on TMC, which follows a real estate agency specializing in prestige properties. Accompanied by Martin Kretz, one of the agents, he is looking for new offices in Paris. At the end of the episode, the actor owns a nice apartment; and the ground floor where there is a carpentry workshop. The real estate agent entrusts ' I think he was under the spell of the craftsmen, of the workshop atmosphere. I think it touched him '.

Johnny Hallyday could not imagine anyone else for the role of Fabrice in Jean Philippe

In this comedy, the actor plays the role of Fabrice, an unconditional fan of Johnny Hallyday and the late singer himself explained that he would not have considered the film without Fabrice Luchini. While promoting the film, he said, ' I know him since a long time. I see him at all my concerts , we spent evenings together and I had already seen him 'sing' my songs! I saw him get on a table in public, grab a bottle as a microphone and imitate me '. The rocker then clarified: ' This role was predestined to him. If he couldn't play it, I couldn't have made the movie '.

But the actor did not immediately agree , his colleague, Antoine Duléry revealed on RTL: ' Fabrice took a little time to give his answer, which annoyed Johnny it must be said '. He also revealed that when Fabrice Luchini finally accepted the role and called Johnny to warn him, this one did not answer. The singer had entrusted to him, it is ' because my governess, who doesn't speak French very well, told me 'It's Fabrice the physiotherapist' and I don't know a physiotherapist named Fabrice '.

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