Eyelash curler: how to use it well to enhance your eyes?

The eyelash curler is essential to open the eyes and have a doe eye. Instructions and expert advice on how to use it properly.

  Eyelash curler: how good l'utiliser pour sublimer le regard ?

What is an eyelash curler?

As its name suggests, it curls the eyelashes. He lengthens them and enhances the look . Well curved, the eyelashes reveal the eye which seems larger. Tom Sapin, senior make-up artist at MAC Cosmetics, is a big fan. ' For natural eye makeup, always apply an eyelash curler. Even though there is no mascara , this tool makes a real difference on fashion shows. '

Who is it for ?

It is suitable for all eyes except those with very curved lashes. ' It creates a real contrast. Curled lashes gain in intensity. This highlights the iris and hides, for example, drooping eyelids because the fringe camouflages them ', says Tom Sapin. It changes the shape of the eye. It enlarges and sublimates it.

What about heated eyelash curlers?

'I They are particularly effective on very curved lashes in battle. They separate the hairs well ', according to our expert. They come in the form of a brush that is very easy to use. There is no danger of burning yourself. The temperature is lukewarm. with the mechanical version.

Does the eyelash curler break the lashes?

This little piece of metal frightens some. Well Named ? ' There is no risk of breaking the eyelashes. The pliers are rounded and not sharp with a rubber edge ', reassures our expert. If we follow the recommendations of make-up artists, there is no danger for our eyelashes. Some models are colorful or others larger. We take the time to choose the one that suits us in the different brands: supermarkets, Sephora or perfumeries.

How to choose the right eyelash curler?

There are several types of eyelash curlers. You choose it based on the shape of your eyes. For example, small eyes will prefer an eyelash curler with pinces plates, while large eyes with long lashes will look better with curved tweezers. For the comfort or the practicality of the gesture, one will also be attentive to the presence of pads or rubber or silicone bands depending on preference. On the price side, the offer ranges from 3 to 25 euros. There is only the embarrassment of the choice.

How to use your eyelash curler?

The eyelash curler should be positioned closest to the root of the eyelashes. The most effective is to alternate small presses of 10 to 15 seconds squeezing very hard each time. The mascara is applied immediately. ' We prefer a curling formula that dries quickly. If the eyelash stays wet for too long, it stiffens and you have to start all over again' , advises Tom Sapin. For an impressive curvature, our expert advises to cool the tool with the hair dryer and to check the temperature before on the forearm so as not to burn yourself.

The eyelash curler apply to bare eyelashes, without mascara. ' On wet lashes, the curl does not hold. When the mascara has dried, the bristles are more rigid, fragile and may break if bent ', according to the make-up artist at MAC Cosmetics. Another important point, we check before closing the eyelash curler of do not pinch the eyelid . You serve very gently with your fingers, with a first light pressure, to ensure that the skin is not stuck.

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