Extra-curricular activities: what should I choose for my child?

Whether he has a sense of rhythm, an artistic flair or an innate gift for theatre, your child can develop his creativity or improve his concentration through cultural and artistic activities. Which is the most suitable? What are its benefits ? We take stock.

Back to school is approaching and it's time to enroll your child in an extra-curricular activity. However, this is not an easy task! Theater, pottery, singing, drums… The choice is vast! Depending on your child's tastes and the benefits of the activity, there is bound to be one that he will like and that will contribute to his balance. No need to overload his week by enrolling him in several different activities, especially if he is already taking sports lessons. One will therefore be enough to arouse his curiosity, develop his skills and bring him many psychological benefits ( self-confidence , patience, concentration, rigour, etc.)

Listen to the child. Extra-curricular activity contributes to the personal development of the child. The ideal is therefore to opt for an activity that best meets your desires. Before choosing, invite him to express his tastes, explain to him what this or that activity consists of and let him decide. He'll be much more engaged if he picks the one he's interested in. On the other hand, do not go against his nature or his will. Indeed, if he feels forced, the activity will not have the expected benefits and the child will become demotivated very quickly.

An activity that matches his personality. Is your child a little reserved? Don't force him to speak in public, unless he feels capable of it, for example. In this case, the theater could precisely help him to overcome his shyness , especially when playing a character, He's overflowing with energy and lacking in focus? Opt for an activity that will channel it like singing or circus arts. What if your child is calm and patient? Take the opportunity to make him try the violin, a discipline that requires involvement and rigor, or enroll him in cooking classes so that he expresses all his creativity and feels valued!

A different budget depending on the activity. Each activity does not require the same financial investment. If singing or theater does not require any particular equipment, piano or visual arts are a little more expensive. Find out which activity is made for your child according to his character, age and desires!

Source journaldesfemmes.fr