Exceptional end-of-year grants: Here are the ones you can still get

At the end of 2022, some households can still benefit from exceptional financial aid. Energy check, fuel bonus, Christmas bonus... Other aid will also take effect at the start of 2023. Overview of what you can receive.

  Exceptional end-of-year aid'année : voici celles que vous pouvez encore toucher

The year 2022 will not have spared the budget of the French, and in particular that of families with modest incomes. It is now a reality in all sectors: in recent months the cost of living is not what it used to be. It has increased considerably, in view of inflation which continues to grow, and which has even been announced in two digits for 2023 . Currently, according to the latest INSEE data , in October 2022, consumer price inflation reached 6.2% year on year , after 6.1% in July, hitherto the highest level since July 1985. In this particular context, to help households and families, the government has implemented a series of unprecedented measures, which have taken the form of exceptional financial aid of several hundred euros. Some are new, others have simply been renewed or even upgraded and indexed to inflation. Fuel energy check, bonus for carpooling, exceptional end-of-year energy check, family support allowance (ASF), aid for childcare, Christmas bonus, etc. Some will be paid before December 2022, while others will be launched as early as the beginning of 2023. To help you see more clearly among all the information circulating, here is a full summary of the aid you can still claim:

Fuel oil energy check

A fuel bonus was voted this summer by the government. It takes the form of an energy check.

For who ?

This energy check is intended for low-income households that heat with oil , or nearly 1.6 million households. People who have already benefited from the classic energy check can claim it, but other households heating with domestic fuel also provided that their annual reference tax income per consumption unit, i.e. 'less than €20,000' .


The amount of the fuel check will be between 100 euros and 200 euros . It will depend on household income (based on the year 2020), and the number of people in the household. According to a decree announced by the executive, eligible persons will be able to receive:

  • 200 euros if the household earns less than 10,800 euros per year;
  • 100 euros if household income is between 10,800 and 20,000 euros.

Date of verse

The payment of the fuel oil energy check began on Tuesday, November 8, 2022 for the beneficiaries already listed. Other households will have to wait to apply online to receive the aid the following month 'subject to eligibility', specifies the government.


The exceptional energy check 2022

For who ?

The exceptional end-of-year energy check is assigned to '40% of the most modest households' . A total of 12 million households are affected. In any case, to be entitled to it, you must meet two conditions indicates the site of the Public Service:

  • live in accommodation that is subject to council tax;
  • have declared their income to the tax authorities and not exceed the resource limit.


The amount of the exceptional energy check will be 100 or 200 euros , depending on the degree of household precariousness. In details :

  • A check for 200 euros will be paid to the 20% of the most disadvantaged families, whose income is less than €13,310;
  • A check of 100 euros will be granted to households with income between €13,310 and €18,610.

Date of verse

The official payment date energy check has not yet been disclosed , but aid was announced for December 2022.


Family support allowance

For who ?

Family support allowance (ASF) benefits each separated parent , who raises their child alone , without having alimony or whose amount is less than 118.20 euros per month. Unlike other forms of assistance, the ASF does not take into account the household's means test.


This year, the ASF benefited from a significant revaluation of 50%. From November 2022, eligible persons will now receive 184 euros per month and per child , instead of the current 123.20 euros.

Date of verse

The revaluation of the ASF will be effective from November 2022. It will be paid every month by the CAF or the MSA, depending on your scheme. The 5th of each month for CAF recipients.

How to get it?

Christmas's prime 2022

Mise en place in 1998, the Noël's Prime is an exceptional end-of-year aid to meet the expenses associated with this period which is so costly for many households.

For who ?

The Noel's Prime is given to some recipients of social minima , in particular those who receive the following aid from CAF, MSA or Pôle Emploi:

  • And RSA
  • L' allocation of specific solidarity (ASS)
  • The specific training solidarity allowance (ASS-F)
  • The pension equivalent allowance (AER)
  • Public internship remuneration (RPS)
  • Remuneration for Pôle Emploi training (RFPE)
  • Assistance for business creation and takeover (ACRE-ASS)


The basic amount of the Christmas bonus is set at 152.45 euros. Depending on the composition of the household, the amount varies:

Beyond, for each additional child, 60.98 euros is granted.

Date of verse

It is usually paid in December, around December 15 and 16.

Steps to get it

Childcare assistance

The government has this year decided to extend the child care support taking into account this time the family situations which can be particular.

For single parent families

The 'additional free choice of childcare' aid ( CMG ), paid by the Caf or the MSA, will be extended to single-parent families 'for children from 6 to 11 years old'. For the time being, we do not yet know when it will be effective.

For divorced parents

The aid allocated in the event of alternating custody will be divided between the two parents. Again, we do not yet know the terms of this new measure.

Childcare in a crèche or by a maternal assistant

The government wants to reduce the cost of a maternal assistant for parents, in order to make this mode of childcare as accessible as the crèche. The rest payable by the parents will also be harmonized in these two modes of care, from 2025.

Carpool bonus

In presenting its energy sobriety plan to deal with the rise in energy prices, the government announced the establishment of a carpooling bonus from 1 January 2023 . The objective is twofold: to encourage people to turn more to this mode of travel and thus reduce CO2 emissions.

For who ?

In principle, each person who registers on a carpooling platform will be able to benefit from the carpooling bonus.


The amount of the carpooling bonus will be 100 euros.

How to benefit from it?

For the moment, neither the precise date nor the modalities to benefit from it have been revealed by the government.

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