Exceptional end-of-year energy voucher: who will have 100 euros?

After the classic energy check, the government has introduced two new aids for energy consumption for households. Conditions and amounts.

[Updated October 17 at 1:39 p.m.] This season, the winter promises to be cold on the thermostat side of the heaters, but particularly hot for household purses. In the face of soaring prices for energy and environmental imperatives, the government calls for energy sobriety. To meet this challenge, the executive has set up two other aids, in addition to the classic energy check paid each year in the spring: a second exceptional energy check , for the '40% of the most modest households', and one fuel energy check 100 euros or more, according to certain criteria. The purpose of this new subsidy is to contribute to the payment of energy bills, including fuel oil, but also electricity and gas. Be careful though: this fuel energy check is not to be cashed in your bank account, and has only one purpose! Details.

Energy check for households heating with oil

Half of households heating with fuel oil, i.e. 1.6 million households, will benefit from an energy check of 100 or 200 euros from November 8 . 'Parliament voted this summer an envelope of 230 million euros to support the households concerned', explained the Minister Delegate for Public Accounts Gabriel Attal at West France . The sending of the check will be automatic for all those who have already paid fuel bills with the energy check. The others will wait for the opening of the online counter November 8 to make the request, and as for those who have already filled their tank, do not panic, the use of these 100 or 200 euros will be possible to pay the bills of another energy resource (electricity, gas, wood pellets...)

Who is eligible for the energy check?

Since 2018, the energy check has been granted according to household income and composition. To qualify, you must complete two conditions to know 'live in a dwelling that is subject to housing tax' and 'have declared their income to the tax authorities and not exceed a certain amount of resources'. Help is therefore awarded subject to means testing . 'To qualify, your household's annual reference tax income (RFR) must be less than €10,800 per consumption unit (CU),' indicates the site of the Public Service. For the end of 2022, given the current crisis, a second exceptional energy check has been deployed. He will be Aquarius ' 12 million of the poorest households, i.e. 4 out of 10 households ' , said the Prime Minister at a press conference.

What are the resource caps for earning the exceptional energy check?

Revenue less than 13,310 euros 200 euros
Revenue between 13,310 and 18,610 euros 100 euros

What is the amount of the 2022 exceptional energy check?

In 2022, the amount of the exceptional energy check will be 100 or 200 euros , depending on the standard of living of the household. 40% of families, considered the most modest, are affected by this aid, i.e. 12 million families in total. 20% of these most disadvantaged families will receive 200 euros, and households in deciles 3 and 4 (between the poorest 20% and the wealthiest 60%) will receive 100 euros. 'For example, a single mother with two children who earns the minimum wage will receive an exceptional energy check of 200 euros and a working couple with two children who earn 3,000 euros net cumulatively will receive 100 euros' , explained Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne. This aid is supposed to curb the announced increase in gas and electricity in 2023, which despite the tariff shield will still increase by 15%. Nevertheless, some households will find it difficult to afford this increase, hence this new exceptional aid, to help them in particular to warm up and to light up decently this winter.

Should the amount be adjusted to the region?

In the current state, the mechanism for distributing the exceptional energy check is not fair. This is in any case what deplores the socialist senator of Moselle, Jean-Marc Todeschini. 'Giving the same help to a household in Metz or Nice, with an average winter temperature difference of +10°C, is not fair', the chosen one is indignant on Twitter. On this subject, he challenged the Prime Minister, Elisabeth Borne in a letter that he shared online. In it, he asks the minister that the amount of the energy check is 'increased for the inhabitants of the departments with the coldest average winter temperatures'. This would make it possible to obtain a 'fair and equitable aid' for all French households. For the senator, the energy check as it is imagined today by the government, does not respond to the real difficulties faced by households.

When will the 2022 exceptional energy check be paid?

For the time being, the official date for the payment of the exceptional energy check 2022 has not yet been revealed. But the disbursement campaign is expected to start in the coming weeks, sometime in November or December, as aid has been announced by the end of 2022. The disbursement s will be carried out by department.

How to use the energy voucher?

The energy check will be sent by post to beneficiary households. Be careful though, this 'cheque' is not cashable by banks. It is only admissible with two types of service providers:

  • Energy suppliers to pay electricity, gas, wood or fuel bills
  • Renovation companies to finance energy renovation work (such as installing heat pumps, for example)

Thus, you can directly use it online via this platform , where you can create your secure personal space, and carry out all your procedures relating to the energy check. Also know that the 2022 energy check is valid until March 31, 2023 . Energy suppliers can therefore accept it until that date.

Simulator to find out if you are entitled to the energy check

Overall, people eligible for the classic energy check will be those who will also receive the exceptional energy check. To find out if you can claim it, especially if your situation has changed since April (classic payment date), you can do a simulation here .

What are the steps to take ?

As for the exceptional solidarity aid, planned by the government to deal with inflation, To receive the energy voucher, there is no procedure to take. In principle, the tax administration lists the persons who meet the conditions for allocation. This list is then forwarded to the Services and Payment Agency (ASP), which sends the energy check to the beneficiaries.

What is the amount of the 2023 energy check?

To determine the amount of the energy check, the government establishes a scale upstream according to the resources and the composition of the households. As indicated on the website of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, since January 1, 2021, the scale in place is as follows:

RFR / UC < €5,600


 ≤ RFR / 
UC < €6,700


 ≤ RFR / 
UC < €7,700

€7,700 ≤ RFR /
UC < €10,800
1 UC* €194 €146 98 euros 48 euros
1 < UC < 2 €240 €176 €113 63 euros
2 UC or + €277 202 euros 126 euros 76 euros

In 2023, we can therefore expect that a single person, with a taxable income of less than 5,600 euros, will receive an energy check for a maximum amount of 194 euros. It will also be automatically paid in April 2023, the date depends on each department.
*consumption unit (CU)

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