Everyone at Circular Santa, IKEA's Solidarity Christmas Market!

Do you have an IKEA object or piece of furniture that you don't know what to do with? See you at the Circular Santa organized place de la Bastille in Paris. From December 9 to 11, 2022, the Swedish giant's first circular and solidarity Christmas market promises great finds. Nothing is thrown away, everything is recovered!

  All at Circular Santa, the solidarity Christmas market in'IKEA !

Once more, IKEA is committed to more reasonable and reasoned consumption with its very first Circular Santa. imagined as a Christmas market (d) environmentally friendly , this event invites you to honor the second hand for your gifts . How ? We will explain everything to you.

How to participate in IKEA's Circular Santa?

For a festive weekend in the colors of Christmas, you are cordially invited to bring back a small piece of IKEA furniture, object or decorative accessory that you no longer need in order to give it a new life. Sorted and color-coded according to value and condition, your product will then reach the foot of the fir circular , enthroned Place de la Bastille for the occasion. In return, and if your heart tells you of course, you will be able to choose a classified product like the one you deposited and walk away with . What to spoil your loved ones or make a gift that makes sense during a Secret Santa while participating in the cycle of (second) life.

Creative workshops, Second Life space, Christmas tree and a gourmet break!

You know the Swedish giant, it does not stop there. In order to help you fill up with inspiration, a host of creative workshops, talks and animations on circularity will be offered to you by Ecomaison, partner of the operation.

DIY workshops to customize and extend product life

In the program ? Not less than 10 free workshops open to all - on registration, within the limit of available places - will be animated every day, including one reserved for children. Among them, 4 artists and content creators will share their know-how:

  • Alexandrine Barthomeuf ( @artlex ) will offer ceramic painting,
  • Cecile Bruneau ( @madamebblog ) will give a second life to the lights thanks to string,
  • Christine Rousselin ( @encoursdecreationleblog ) personalize small wooden furniture using IKEA fabrics and accessories,
  • Vincent Layerle ( @shakemyblog ) will make trendy furniture from wooden crates.

An aptly named Second Life space

Inspired by those that can be found in stores, the Second Life space at Circular Santa will aim to give furniture a second chance so that it can be slipped under the tree, while awaiting its next owner. Light repair, cleaning and wrapping will give him a new look for a new life!

Peckish ? It's Swedish Fika time!

Other entertainment in the heart of this Christmas village? A Fika, or Swedish gourmet break , during which IKEA will invite visitors to taste, always free of charge, a selection of Swedish treats of which only IKEA has the secret. On the menu: cakes including the famous cinnamon rolls that need no introduction, dry biscuits and non-alcoholic mulled wine. Have a nice meal * !

Who says circular Christmas, says Christmas tree...circular!

Also under the sign of circularity, the Circular Santa tree will not be afraid to cut corners. And, in the event that the participants do not wish to leave with one of the gifts made available to them, they are free to donate it to the Emmaüs Défi association , another supportive partner of the event. Finally, know that all the gifts left under the tree at the end of the festivities will also be given to the association, the circle is complete!

*Bon appetit in Swedish

Source journaldesfemmes.fr