Evelyne Leclercq: Failed Marriages, Songs, Clairvoyance, Dating Site, PHOTOS and Secrets

Evelyne Leclercq celebrates her 71st birthday on July 11. The profession she dreamed of exercising, her loves, her family... Discover the crazy confidences of the one who was the youngest announcer in France...

  Evelyne Leclercq: Failed Marriages, Songs, Clairvoyance, Dating Site, PHOTOS and Secrets

Evelyne Leclercq has forged an unbreakable bond with the public through her numerous appearances on television, she who has successfully co-hosted the shows Intervilles and Turn Carousel! . The former announcer, who turns 71 on July 11, also pushed the song and triumphed in the theater. His sudden arrival on television, his weddings , in famille, in ' collection of losers ', are dating website ... Secrets and confidences of a great star of the small screen.

- Evelyne Leclercq was born on July 11, 1951 in Nointel, in the Oise.

- She obtains her baccalaureate with the mention 'Good' and then dreams of spreading her wings... and becoming flight attendant ! But his father, who is against the idea, instead enrolls him in Nice in a secretarial school , section ' hostess '.

- While studying at this school, Evelyne Leclercq stayed at the Congress of the International Confederation of Shoe Manufacturers in Nice and was there. filmed for a report , in 1969. At that moment, she did not know that her life was about to change.
Mr. Donot, director of ORTF-Nice, having seen her in the report, suggested that she try out as a speaker , while it only has 17 years . She accepts... and is immediately committed ! Evelyne Leclercq thus becomes the youngest speaker in France .

- In 1978, she was made C Knight of the Order of Courtesy . The decision is up to a jury made up of Alain Poher, Jean Nohain, the Duke of Castries and Simone Veil , among others.

- In October 1972, Evelyne Leclercq married Jacques Olive , host at Radio-Nice . Both become parents of a daughter, Céline , the same year. But the spouses are not really in love with each other. ' It was a marriage of convenience to please our two families “, had explained Evelyne Leclercq to France Sunday . They divorce finally a few years later... but remain on good terms. ' I continue, after all these years, to get on very well with him , because he always took very good care of Céline “, she recently entrusted to the magazine.

- Then she remarried in September 1983 with Richard Rocard , whom she had met a year earlier.

- In addition to the animation, the announcer also tries singing , releases several 45s, and sings in duet with her daughter Céline , on the title We will call her Mary .

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- In 1981, Evelyne Leclercq even released a children's song album .

- From 1985 to 1993, it presented the now cult game Turn merry-go-round! , alongside Simone Garnier, Fabienne Égal, Charly Oleg, Jean Amadou and José Sacré, then co-hosts the no less cult Intervilles with, among others, Philippe Risoli, Simone Garnier, Guy Lux or Denise Fabre .

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- In 1995, Evelyne Leclercq recorded a duet with her friend Sophie Darel, It is so good .

– After several years spent away from the screens, the ex-presenter of Turn Carousel! animates online game shows on the chain Cash TV , between 2009 and 2012.

- Alongside the seer Claude Alexis, she hosts the show Clairvoyance ID , broadcast on the TNT channel, IDF1 .

- On the personal side, Evelyne Leclercq is a happy mother and grandmother . ' My daughter is my double, my friend, my sister, my mother and my daughter. She is everything for me! I'm very proud of it “, she confided in French days . In addition, Céline allowed her to become a grandmother three times: ' I am very happy to be a grandmother! I see Tom, Benjamin and Ondine as often as possible. I find it hard to go more than two months without seeing them '.

- On the sentimental level, Evelyne Leclercq is relatively independent . ' I'm a pretty person solitaire . I don't like schedules, that's why I don't have never lived together , even when married. Because me, a husband who comes home at noon for lunch or in the evening for dinner, I couldn't. I am enough Bohemia “, she assured in the documentary They shone on TV: what happened to them? , broadcast on TF1 in early 2021.

- As for the men who have been in a relationship with her, the ex-speakerine is hardly tender with them. The 70-year-old actress didn't mince words when she called them ' collection of losers ', in the documentary.' And too bad for those who watch television today “, she added. That is what is said.

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– Evelyne Leclercq has hardly forgotten her years as a matchmaker on the show Turn Carousel! and decides to create her dating site , in partnership with the company CAT Multimedia, in 2012. The project did not succeed, but the intention was more than laudable...

- More recently, in 2020, the ex-speakerine is going on tour to play the play The 3 Glorious With his friends Sophie Darel and Danièle Gilbert . Unfortunately, the health crisis temporarily interrupts the show.

- The premier confinement is also a real tear for Evelyne Leclercq, who finds herself far from her family. In April 2020, the friend of Fabienne Egal appears weakened and emaciated in a video posted on the Facebook account of France Blue Azure . ' I hope you recognize me, I don't have the usual look, but nothing is usual these days. We are separated , but we use FaceTime, Skype, WhatsApp, words we didn't know before... We do everything to keep our spirits up, the energy, the will to get by “, she said.

- However, Evelyne Leclercq tries to keep morale during the difficult times of the first lockdown. While television channels are struggling to find programs to broadcast, for lack of filming, the former host suggests an ingenious idea, on Instagram: ' Good then? Turn-Roundabout? We rediffuse when? The directors of TV programs now having some worries, why not rebroadcast Turn Manege? There are more than 2,000 episodes in stock '. But Evelyne Leclercq's suggestion is not taken into account. But it's never too late...

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